Microsoft Dynamics XRM

What is Microsoft Dynamics XRM?

Microsoft Dynamics XRMXRM is the official positioning of the platform components underlying Microsoft Dynamics CRM. While the C is equal to customer in CRM, X is equal to any relationship that needs to be managed, such as client, member, vendors, employees, prospects, dealers, as well as other types of business relationships including properties, assets, projects, grants, legislation and so on. The flexibility of the XRM platform means it can be leveraged in a wide variety of ways by many different types of organisations, essentially providing an application development platform.

XRM in the Cloud

Combine the power of XRM with the convenience of the cloud, thanks to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

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What's different about Microsoft Dynamics XRM?

XRM – A platform for rapid development of business applications

Traditional development options are off-the-shelf package or bespoke development. XRM offers a third option that lies somewhere between the two traditional options. XRM delivers the flexibility of a bespoke solution, delivered almost as quickly and cost effectively as a packaged implementation.

XRM Functionality and Framework

XRM is a rapid development platform with out-of-the-box CRM functionality, capable of instantly leveraging the .NET platform, and a vast array of Microsoft applications. The XRM platform components underlying Microsoft Dynamics CRM provide a business application platform layer that can be used to develop enterprise-class relational business applications. Example platform components include:

  • SOA Platform
  • Office & SharePoint Integration
  • Unified Communication
  • Outlook Integration
  • Business Analyst Configuration Tools
  • .NET Customisation
  • Enterprise Workflow Engine
  • Scalable Server Infrastructure
  • Reporting & Analytics Platform
  • Configurable Relationship/Data Model
  • Security Model

Examples of the types of business applications that can be delivered through the XRM platform include:

  • Case Management
  • Grant Management
  • Property Management
  • Help Desk and Call Centre Management
  • Account Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Citizen Management

XRM provides a framework that includes database, user interface, workflow and reporting engine, allowing for the rapid development of complex business applications The platform allows multiple discrete applications to be configured on the same server platform, with shared data and processes, or logically separated applications configured as required.

Version 1 and Dynamics XRM

Microsoft Gold Certified PartnerAs a Microsoft Partner who has completed the Accredited Partner program for Dynamics CRM, Version 1 is well placed to advise customers about the benefits of XRM as a development platform.

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Our Customers Say...

  • "The Society must always act quickly and with foresight in responding to the changing needs of the law profession we serve. We partner with Version 1 to ensure we can avail of technology innovation to help solve these challenges. Version 1 has recently delivered a highly usable, efficient solution based on Dynamics XRM on time and on budget to the delight of our user stakeholders."
    Tom Blennerhassett, IT Manager, The Law Society of Ireland