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Business Intelligence empowers the right people to receive the right information, at the right time, allowing them to make the right decisions.

Version 1’s approach to Business Intelligence is simple: We systematically address the most commonly encountered risks and challenges associated with business intelligence, analytics, and performance management projects. Key to our success is working across the business and IT divisions to forge a common understanding of the risks and challenges, to build a consensus vision and to articulate compelling value propositions from both business and IT perspectives. Our focus on people, process and technology creates the foundation for gaining sponsorship and funding, and ultimately for building a pragmatic roadmap for success.


Whether the Business Intelligence project is driven out of a desire to better understand customer need, or to optimise operations, or reduce costs while maximising the value of data investments, a critical first step is to establish a vision for the business intelligence strategy long before technology is brought into the conversation. Version 1 is experienced in helping customers to create that vision – defining the scope and direction for the organisation and serving as the blueprint to align Business Intelligence initiatives with strategic business goals.


We take a holistic view of every Enterprise’s data capture, management, and discovery requirements and have a reputation for in-depth functional and technological expertise bringing technology agnostic solutions through our Business Intelligence partnerships.


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Our end-to-end Business Intelligence & Analytics services include:


BI Vision and Strategy

  • Develop a winning BI vision and strategy, through BI roadmaps, stakeholder management and profiling, capability improvement and implementation planning and execution
  • Enterprise Performance Management – identify and source key performance indicators to support management decision making based on industry best practice and aligned with business goals


Data Warehouse and Integration Services

  • Strategic advice and solutions to manage data including metadata and master data from disparate sources, transforming and loading the data into data warehouses, datamarts or analytical system data structures



  • Extending the capabilities of BI to include analytics platforms, data mining, data visualisation and predictive modelling techniques to discover hidden trends and patterns to make better decisions  providing the right people with the right information at the right time and to the right device for each user.
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