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Enterprise Architecture

Technology offers business endless possibilities, but creating real value and competitive advantage demands the optimised alignment of technology and business strategy.

Enterprise architecture management integrates the business and technology needs of the organisation into a cohesive roadmap to realise business-driven change utilising industry standard methodologies and practices.  


Version 1 offers customers a proven approach to delivering ‘good’ enterprise architecture. We start with business focused conversations with the key business stakeholders to determine the Business Architecture before focusing on what is the key enabling component for most Enterprise organisations today: Technology Architecture. The next step is determining how the Technology Architecture must transition through planning, determination of opportunities and solutions (often through multiple iterations) from the ‘AS IS’ to ‘TO BE’ state to effectively enable the business goals, mission and vision of the organisation.


When you are then satisfied that this Enterprise Architecture approach has effectively planned the architectures of your organisation appropriately, we help you maintain and continue to manage the enterprise architecture of the organisation with this approach. This ensures that this business led approach to Technology Architecture becomes effectively integrated into the organisation.


Our Enterprise Architecture team brings combined experience across all Enterprise Architecture domains – Business, Information Systems (Data & Application), Technology – multi-sector domain knowledge (including Retail, High-Tech, Public Sector, Utilities both domestic and international).


Our Enterprise Architecture Services include:


  • Advice on the alignment of business goals and IT strategy through the application of Enterprise Architecture principles.
  • Advice  on the implementation of Enterprise Architecture principles and practices in organisations and on projects/programmes.
  • Review of Enterprise Architecture practices in client organisations.
  • Assistance in development of IT Roadmaps and Strategy.
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