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Oracle Pool of Funds

An Oracle Pool of Funds (PoF) licence agreement is a license agreement where a client pays a fee to Oracle (this being the ‘fund’ in the pool of funds name) and gains the right to draw down licences from a defined product set at a specific price for the term of the contract or until the PoF is consumed. Every 6 months during the term of the PoF, the client is required to provide an Oracle License Declaration Report (LDR) listing the additionally drawn-down Oracle software products as agreed in the Pool of Funds agreement.


As this contract is relatively new to the market and not as prevalent as Unlimited License Agreement (ULA)s, the PoF is not fully understood and organisations can struggle to understand what it is, how it works and how it compares to a ULA.   If you do already have a PoF or are thinking of entering into one, you need to be clear on how to manage this agreement for maximum benefit. Organisations need to understand its limitations and terms, how it fits into any existing SAM frameworks and how to accommodate the ongoing LDR required on a six monthly basis. 


How can Version 1 help with Oracle PoF?

  • Modelling PoF scenarios
  • Reviewing current PoF processes and assessing whether they are fit for purpose
  • Integrating with existing SAM frameworks taking into account the LDR reporting,
  • Advising on maximisation and flexing strategies for PoF
  • Assisting with mini PoF LDRs    


By engaging with Version 1 organisations can benefit from:

  • A greater appreciation of how PoFs work
  • A better understanding of how to fully benefit from a PoF utilising proven processes or integrating into your own SAM framework
  • An assessment of the value for money being delivered by the PoF
  • Guidance on how to  manage the LDR process


Version 1’s Oracle License experts are here to guide and inform you through this complex licensing agreement realising full business case ROI. Talk to us today.



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