• Why Software Asset Management Tools Are Not Enough To Guarantee Licence Compliance

    23 Feb 2018
    In this blog post we discuss the complexity of enterprise license estates and the benefits of software asset management tools.
  • Migrating Legacy Applications to Public Cloud?

    16 Feb 2018
    Migrating legacy solutions requires in-depth understanding and expertise. In our webinar we consider the technical & business challenges of migrating legacy applications to public cloud.
  • Licensing Oracle Software in the Cloud Computing Environment

    26 Jan 2018
    Oracle has released an updated version of the ‘Licensing Oracle Software in the Cloud Computing Environment’ document.
  • Role change to CEO

    06 Mar 2017
    Confident but nervous, excited but a teeny bit scared, ambitious yet cautious but above all else honoured and privileged to be taking on the reins of this great company" Check out Tom's full note on his expectations as CEO of Version 1
  • Career change for a CEO

    27 Feb 2017
    After 20 years as our CEO, Justin will move up to the Version 1 Board and Tom O'Connor will become our new CEO at the start of April. Have a read of Justin's personal note behind the "career change" and what the future holds for Version 1:
  • Trust Matters

    20 Feb 2017
    We're delighted to receive the CIPD Award for Empowerment and Trust, see the thoughts of our HR Director on why Trust is key!
  • The Brexit Series: Business & IT Change Strategies

    15 Feb 2017
    The Brexit negotiations between Europe and the UK are likely to be protracted. The outcome of these negotiations may result in the introduction of new tariffs, customs and excise duties for trade between the EU and the UK.
  • The Brexit Series: Prepping your organization

    06 Feb 2017
    It is likely that most companies in the UK will be impacted in some way by Brexit and thus the underlying technology in organisations and enterprises needs to be highly adaptive to support rapid business change.
  • The Brexit Series: Warranties and Contracts

    17 Jan 2017
    There is a raft of EU legislation which underpins many major and minor contracts for companies. Clauses related to governing law, data protection, TUPE/ARD, and outsourcing to name but a few are often underpinned by EU legislation.
  • The Brexit Series: Talent

    12 Jan 2017
    Immigration was one of the hot topics for the Leave Referendum campaign, and access to suitably skilled Talent has become one of the key employer concerns following the vote.
  • The Brexit Series: Data Protection

    10 Jan 2017
    The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is set to enforce some of the most stringent data protection and management laws in the world, forcing companies to highly prioritise the management and safeguarding of consumer data.
  • Future Decoded demonstrates Digital delivers success

    13 Dec 2016
    Our UK Portfolio Director David Gardiner presents his insights from Microsofts's Future Decoded event in London, Nov 2016.
  • Are you Brexit Ready?

    21 Nov 2016
    The final landscape for the EU and the UK post-Brexit is far from clear. However, there are definite and positive steps that can be taken from a technology estate “discovery” and strategy perspective. Find out how you can become Brexit ready here.
  • An Introduction to Robotic Processing Automation (RPA)

    18 Oct 2016
    In this blog we will focus specifically on one of the more prevalent automation approaches known as Robotic Processing Automation (RPA).
  • GDPR – The UK Brexit Context

    13 Oct 2016
    This blog will look at the potential implications for enterprise and solution architects of the recent UK Brexit vote and its potential impact on adoption or conformance to the GDPR legislation.
  • To “Bot” or Not to “Bot” - An Overview of Software Processing Automation

    10 Oct 2016
    Why does Information Technology change our lives so much? Why and how does it really impact our lives? Is it because it is now so pervasive that we have become dependent and cannot perform everyday life and work tasks without it?
  • GDPR - Key Impacts: What you Need to Know

    04 Oct 2016
    Your guide as to the key impacts of GDPR for your organisation.
  • Tick-tock, tick-tock…the countdown has begun – an Overview of GDPR

    20 Sep 2016
    The two year countdown to the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has begun and all affected organisations will need to be fully compliant with the rules by 25 May 2018.
  • Migrate your IT estate to Oracle Cloud in five simple steps

    18 Jul 2016
    Our Head of Oracle Cloud, Ken MacMahon, talks through how you can migrate your IT Estate to Oracle Cloud in 5 simple steps.
  • Cloud Insights from Oracle Open World 2015

    27 Oct 2015
    Larry Ellison justifiably called the current industry move to cloud 'a generational shift in computing' in his opening keynote speech at Oracle Openworld 2015 on Sunday afternoon.
  • Oracle Database Standard Edition 2

    03 Sep 2015
    After the rumours earlier in the year, Oracle has now released Standard Edition 2 and the licensing rules have changed to reflect Oracles original intentions for Standard Edition.
  • Oracle Perpetual User License Agreement

    10 Aug 2015
    Oracle is reportedly developing a new license model: Perpetual User License Agreement aka ‘PULA’. Despite the similarity in name it seems it will be very different to a standard Oracle Unlimited License Agreement.
  • Get the low down on Oracle Database Standard Edition 2

    17 Jul 2015
    Oracle recently announced the release of Oracle Database Standard Edition 2. Full details are not available at this time but here’s what we know so far.
  • Windows Server 2003 End of Life – Are You Ready?

    10 Feb 2015
    Microsoft has announced that the end of life for Windows Server 2003 is July 14 2015.
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Customisations

    28 Apr 2014
    Considerations surrounding the implementation of changes to your your Oracle E-Business Suite configuration.
  • 9 Critical Steps in Planning an Oracle Software License Review

    25 Apr 2014
    License audits are increasing in frequency but the threat of a review is not the only reason to plan for such an event.
  • Top AWS Management Tips for Enterprise IT

    11 Nov 2013
    How do you harness the potential of the Cloud while ensuring proper management and governance in line with best-practice service management frameworks?
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