Version 1 Oracle Licensing in the Cloud Policy

Within the last few days, Oracle have produced an updated version of their Oracle Licensing in the Cloud policy document. This whitepaper details the impact of this change. Version 1 are independent Oracle licensing experts with over 15 years’ experience.


Microsoft SQL Server 2005 End of Life

This whitepaper is an Essential Guide for Senior Decision Makers helping them maximize return on investment when upgrading or replacing their Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database estate.


IT Sourcing Strategies Report 2015

Version 1 recently conducted an IT Sourcing Survey of C-level executives to give insight into current and future IT sourcing strategies and the trends, associated benefits and challenges that Irish organisations face.


Agile Commerce Whitepaper

An introductory guide for Retailers on how to deliver a successful Omni Channel Strategy by focusing on optimising people, processes and technology to service customers across all touch points.


Enterprise Cloud: A Practical Guide for CxOs

An essential read for CxOs in Enterprise-scale organisations exploring Public Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service as a means of delivering business agility in a cost-effective manner.
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