The cloud has changed the role of the managed service provider.

The role of the Managed Service Provider has changed in the cloud. Managed services are no longer just about maintaining a level of performance, it is now about continual improvement and optimisation. Cloud infrastructures are dynamic, they scale and shrink, instances spin up on demand and cloud vendors release new services every day. Version 1 offer the next generation of managed services which includes dynamic montioring of cloud resources, automation of deployment and event management through our DevOps approach. our consultants are constantly training and upskilling so that we stay on top of the latest cloud developments.


  • Accredited Partner
  • Value-Add Services
  • Cloud Optimisation
  • Round the Clock Support


Version 1 Next-Gen MSP

Cloud Latest Tools

Dev Ops

Managed services in the cloud are more than just support. Version 1 has adopted a Dev Ops approach for increased agility, governance and speed in your cloud environment.

Cloud Monitoring

Proactive Monitoring

Our service desk monitors your cloud in real time- fixing issues as they happen. Given the dynamic nature of cloud we design our system so your cloud resources are automatically monitored as they spin into life.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Security in cloud is a shared responsibility. The cloud vendors have done their part, Version 1 will ensure that you do yours.

Cloud Best Practices

Best Practices

Our cloud reference architecture is aligned with Best Practices that are recommended by the cloud vendor.

Cloud Support

Service Desk

Version 1 operates a 24/7 Service Desk that proactively monitors your environment. We support automated ticketing that can escalate round the clock to ensure your service is never disrupted.

Cloud Automation


Human error should no longer affect your business continuity. Version 1 are constantly developing processes to increase automation- from infrastructure deployments to security issue resolution.

Cloud Latest Tools

Latest tools and services

Version 1 stays up to date with the latest services provided by our cloud partners and tools that they recommend.


Audited MSP

Version 1 has been audited by AWS to retain our membership of the Managed Services program. Our next-generation monitoring capabilities, DevOps culture, 24/7 service desk, and ISO certifications are just some of the services that AWS highlight when recommending us to be the right partner to managed your cloud.



Our Next-Gen partners

In order to provde the best service for our customers Version 1 have partnered with cloud management providers. We have strategically chosen suppliers whose core vlaues match our own and enable us to always put the customer first.

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