Here at Version 1 we like to think we can offer something different with our graduate programme. We don't believe in the typical profile of a Graduate Consultant, slaving away to make up margins and spending their time locked away in a room to all hours of the night.

We invest in people rather than a production line of grads. Day 1, you’ll learn by building and doing in a dedicated two-year boot camp, called the Falcon Programme, where you will grow as an IT Consultant. Version 1 invest in top-class training and development to help you unleash your inner superpowers and a flat lined hierarchy so that even the most senior people in the company are available for advice.

You won't be limited to a 2 year graduate contract or anything like that. You will be a full-time permanent employee here in Version 1. You won't be limited to one technology or one industry. We let you choose your career path and proactively help you get there.

Apart from that, you will be joining one of the fastest growing IT consultancies in Europe. Now employing over 900 people, Version 1 has been growing 30% year on year. This growth is fueled through strategic acquisitions and organic growth and has enabled us to become a trusted technology partner to major domestic and international customers across all industry sectors in Ireland and the UK.

Key to our continued growth is our constant focus on staff engagement. We strive to create a great environment for our staff to work in and flourish and feel we have earned the right to call Version 1 a Great Place to Work. We have ranked in the top 5 best large workplaces in the Great Place to Work Survey for the last 3 years and in the top 50 best workplaces in Europe. Now that we have built a great workplace, our next big initiative is to build a great grad programme.


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