Version 1 prides itself on our Graduate Training & Development Programme and it sets the tone for the employee/employer relationship. We make a promise of a challenging & rewarding career in IT consultancy to our graduate joiners and that encompasses everything they will experience in Version 1 from initial assessment to offer acceptance, from their Onboarding to Graduate Bootcamp, from the completion of their first technical certification to finishing their First Quarter, from setting quarterly training & development objectives to updating their company Skillstore profile.

Our Graduate Training & Development Programme sets out a systematic roadmap that turns our novice IT graduates into confident, high-performing IT consultants within their first 12 months. The graduate life cycle is summarised below and is described in more detail in this submission.

The success of our Graduate Training & Development Programme can be seen in the numbers – over 100 graduates hired over three years with a retention rate of 92%. The keystone to this success is the comprehensive development programme which ensures that the graduates are developing skills faster than anywhere else and for the business, this produces highly skilled consultants quickly and therefore beats the skills shortage.