Version 1 Leadership Principles

Driving and Inspiring our Core Values

The Heart of Version 1

For over a decade, our six core values have driven our growth and success. They are the heart of Version 1 and an essential part of the ‘Version 1 Difference’. With 3200+ empowered employees working both remotely and from our 12+ office locations, we safeguard our ‘heart’ by ensuring that our values are translated tangibly into our day-to-day actions. Being part of our team means that you are responsible for driving and inspiring these values in others – leading by example. For new people coming into Version 1, there can be a steep learning curve – what does ‘Customer First’ mean in practice? What does ‘No Ego’ look like? How do I drive Diversity & Inclusion? The aim of sharing our Leadership Principles with you is to answer the questions above. They are expressed as ‘I’ statements, as positive statements of intent that each Version 1’er should be able to look at and apply to their own interactions with colleagues, customers and the wider community.

The Leadership Principles

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  1. Our Vision, Mission and Difference
  2. Customer-First
  3. Honesty & Integrity
  4. Personal Commitment
  5. No Ego
  6. Excellence
  7. Drive
  8. Diversity & Inclusion

1. Vision, Mission, The Version 1 Difference


“I’m ambitious for what we can achieve.”

Our vision sets out a target of being a world-leader in customer success. It’s a big and bold target we are aiming for. I am responsible for helping to build the collective ambition of our organisation and all the people in it: I encourage people to think customer success first and to think bigger when it comes to scale, opportunity and potential. I think of the Version 1 as a whole rather than my own specific area and always put the customer’s long-term interests ahead of our short term commercial interests.


“I see the big picture.”

I am curious about how technology can deliver business benefit for our customers.We are a technology company. We deliver customer success through technology. I am interested in the potential for technology to deliver more value both internally and for our customers.


“I am a guardian and driver of our core values.”

If there are examples where we are not living one or more of the Core Values, as a leader it’s my responsibility to call this out and fix it. “The buck stops at me” when it comes to making sure they are adhered to.

“I see the big picture.”

I instinctively understand that customer success builds a strong organisation and that without engaged staff we can achieve neither. I actively work to ensure that we achieve ‘Strength in Balance’ by balancing our commitments to employees and customers with the strength of our organisation. I look out for our people. I take the time to get to know my colleagues and look out for their welfare. I communicate with my colleagues frequently, openly and honestly.

“I am a brand-builder.”

I help build our brand around the Version 1 difference and am a brand ambassador inside and outside the organisation.

Watch the ‘Vision, Mission and Difference’ video below:

What Our Leaders Have to Say

Vision, Mission and The Version 1 Difference

2. Customer First

“I am customer obsessed.” 

Our vision, our mission, our success is all about making our customers’ businesses successful. I live this and always focus on what we and I can do above and beyond what our customers expect to surprise and delight them. I walk in the customers shoes and by my words and actions inspire all of our people to really understand our customers – what makes them tick, what would exceed their expectations, where their pain points are and what could most benefit their business. I always have the courage to do what is in the best interest of the customer and/or the company ahead of my own personal interest.

“I am connected to and trusted by several customers.”

Every Version 1 leader has several customers who trust them, who lift the phone to them and feel they have an open honest relationship with them. I have several such relationships. I prioritise time with customers over internal meetings.

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3. Honesty & Integrity

“I trust, support and collaborate with others.”

We work as a team, and no team survives without trusting and supporting the other members of the team. I, as a Leader, show an unusual degree of trust in others, and look to help others be successful. When great things happen in Version 1, they are usually not done by one person, they are done by a team of people. I lead on bringing the right people together, irrespective of where they are in the organisation, to make big things happen.

“I am self-critical and very open to feedback.”

I point the finger at myself rather than at others. I’m open and honest about what could have gone better and focus on where I can improve, rather than the failings of others. I seek opportunities for self-improvement.

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Our Leaders On:

Honesty & Integrity

4. Personal Commitment

“I’m ‘All-in’.”

As a Leader, I am completely bought in to our strategy, our values, our mission and our plans. I live our personal commitment value and drive it through my example. I’ll do whatever it takes to deliver our vision and mission, even to occasional personal discomfort and are am never ‘too busy’ to own problems and see them through to resolution. I show tenaciousness and resilience because that is what is required to succeed and am happy to roll my sleeves up and get involved in tasks or projects that Leaders in other companies might think were beyond them.

“I prepare.”

Whether it be internal or external meetings, I’m well-prepared for everything, in possession of the facts and capable and willing to debate them.

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Our Leaders On:

Personal Commitment

5. No Ego

“I’m always trying to bring people on.” 

The most common phrase customers or colleagues hear from me is ‘how can I help’. I look to deflect credit to others, try to hire and coach people to be better than they are for the long-term benefit of the Company over themselves. I’m always looking to find or coach and develop people to take over from me who could do a better job.

“I’m frugal with the Company’s money.” 

I have no interest in status, title or building an empire around me. I’m extremely conscious that one of the drivers of customer success is the cost of our services and being efficient directly benefits our customers and and helps sustain a strong organisation.

“I have a thick skin.” 

I’m not afraid of honest conversations, I look to tap other people in as necessary and don’t take offence at observations or suggestions from others. I don’t take personal umbrage at honest commentary or feedback.

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Our Leaders On:

No Ego

6. Excellence

“I’m in the detail and precise.”

I make it my business to be in the detail of what’s going on across each side of the triangle, in the area that I work. I avoid making broad generalisations and can point to data to support my point of view. In God we trust, everyone else must bring data.

“I’m a standard-bearer for Leadership.”

The employees and customers of our organisation look to me to make a decision, not to concur that there is a problem or an opportunity and leave the situation unresolved. I take ownership for it, decide if something needs to be done, and if so, get the right people together to make it happen. Rather than saying ‘we should’, I instinctively think ‘I will’ and lead from the front.

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7. Drive

“I work at pace and with enthusiasm.”

I’m comfortable that Version 1 works at a higher pace than other organisations. I get things done quickly, without fuss, and inspire people with my energy.

“I show initiative and take calculated risks.”

Drive is a core value, and with a clear strategy in place I’m expected to show initiative, take calculated risks, and act where I can help or deliver an improved outcome on any side of the triangle. I know and ensure others know that no-one will get in trouble in Version 1 for doing the right thing, where that right thing is driven by our values and doing what is right for the customer.

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Our Leaders On:


8. Diversity & Inclusion

“I seek out and embrace difference.”

I create a supportive environment where people, irrespective of their background, can be heard and feel that they are. I recognise that there are ideas, activities and inspiration outside of Version 1 and I endeavour to bring those to the organisation and to my team.

Learn more about Diversity & Inclusion at Version 1 here.

Watch the ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ video below:

Our Leaders On:

Diversity & Inclusion

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