Version 1 Early Careers: Digital Academies

The perfect introduction to the world of technology for graduates and those wishing to start off in their career in IT. If you are interested in applying, simply click on the relevant button below.

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the world of cutting-edge technology?

The Version 1 Accelerate Digital Academy is designed to upskill our new joiners as they start a new career in cutting-edge technologies to deliver high-quality services for our customers. The Academies are designed with you in mind. Delivered over an 18 month period, the first 8 – 12 weeks focus on covering technical training and building a strong foundation in the technical specialism.  We will provide you with support from our early careers team and accredited training providers. We make a career in tech accessible to college leavers, career changers, or those that have existing technical skills and want to experience a culture of recognition and reward!


We’ll help you to build your core technical skills, team working skills, and soft skills that are fundamental to a career in consulting. Once you have completed your initial training you will be assigned to your Version 1 team, assigned a buddy to help you settle in, and you will meet your people manager who will support your career development with quarterly conversations throughout your career at Version 1.


The Academy aims to be of benefit to all: from graduates right through to professionals, the course provides relevant, up-to-date skillsets and will give you the opportunity to work on cutting-edge technology solutions. A key focus of the course is to distill the core components of these modern ways of working into understandable, quantifiable ways of working, making sure that fundamentals are understood through practical, hands-on learning. The Academy’s approach also layers practical, real-world applications on top of the philosophies of these methodologies, ensuring that our people get a well-rounded understanding of the needs of our customers and how to solve their technology problems.


Interested? Good news, this programme is open to all! What’s more, every participant of the programme will have at least 3 salary reviews with the expectation you will see an increase in salary of 20% from your first day with Version 1 as an associate consultant to the day you graduate. Our Academies programme perfectly demonstrates the Version 1 difference, why not bring yours?

Technical Skills
A commitment to excellence is also a commitment to consistency. You will learn the foundations for excellent technical skills for software development, describing and trialing the common patterns in use across many Version 1 projects today. Building this understanding will be fundamental to your development across technical capabilities.
You will be introduced to Agile software development and the practical application of the Scrum framework and Behaviour-Driven Development methodology. The module concludes with a deep dive into Version 1's application of Agile Methodology into large programmes of work, what each person's role is within a team, and how to deliver for our customers in an agile manner.
Soft Skills
Technology consulting is more than just technical skills. You will learn how to effectively work as a team, manage your time, manage customer expectations and develop effective communication skills. Learning and continually developing these skills will allow you to drive your career forward alongside your technical development.
Creative Thinking
You will develop your tools to think for yourself, encourage entrepreneurial behaviours and consider the best approach to problem-solving. The ability to think creatively is essential in understanding and learning new technologies. We consider the best solution for our customers and always aspire to utilise leading technologies to meet our customers' needs in the most efficient way possible.

Academy Timeline

A timeline diagram showcasing Version 1 digital academies 3-18 month progress.

What makes our Academies so special?

We invest in our people and the Academies are just one of the ways in which we do just this. Version 1 provides a strong culture of wellness through programs, resources, and benefits that help our employees create their own journey towards their optimal careers.

Get Rewarded For Your Work
During the Academy, you will have at least 3 salary reviews, with the expectation that you will see an increase in salary of 20% from your first day. Additionally, every year we share up to 1/5th of our profits with our people through our profit scheme, in which we've paid out an impressive 40+ quarters in a row!
Our Technology Partnerships
Gain real-world experience whilst working with some of the biggest names in technology including Oracle, Microsoft, AWS, and Red Hat.
A Certified Great Place to Work
We are consistently recognised as a Great Place to Work right across Ireland, India and the UK. Version 1 has fostered an enriching culture and working environment and this is reflective of our long-standing achievements, as voted by our employees. Come be part of something special.

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Gain Real-World Accreditation

Each of our academies will vary according to the specialism you will study. As a result, participants will earn various different accreditations from Microsoft Azure to AWS and Oracle. We work with our technology partners to ensure you will get the best accreditations for your skills and continually learn and improve according to your career path.
Our Technology Partnerships