Engage end-users and empower global customers working with Version 1, the chosen Digital Services partner of central governmental departments, local government authorities, leading energy companies and major retailers. Read more about what a career in our Digital Stream entails.

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Establish Your Digital Career with Version 1

At Version 1, Digital is much more than just a buzzword – it’s a process of using technology to radically change our clients business. We strive to improve how they work and look to create the value they need.

Our clients are looking for new ways to digitally innovate while they continue their day to day operations, and wrestle with complex business issues. Can you ask better questions and use digital tools to come up with better answers?

Can you take advantage of the latest innovations to help our clients with their biggest challenges? In our Accelerate IT Graduate Programme, you’ll be working with clients who will also need you to know about all aspects of their business and help them implement digital technologies such as Cloud solutions, application development, user-experience design and data analytics.

A career in Digital within Version 1 requires you to work with our experts to implement new technologies in order to help build a better working world from day one.

If this sounds like something you could see yourself excelling in, you’re in luck, we’ve probably got the perfect role for you.

Work with Global Brands
We work with some of the world's leading brands providing bespoke and innovative Digital solutions to companies across all sectors including the Utilities, Banking, Retail and Education.
Tailored Certification Journey
As a Digital Associate, our dedicated Learning and Development team design tailor-made programmes for you in areas such as .Net, Java, UI/UX Best Practices and Lifecycle Delivery.
Develop Global Systems with Diverse Digital Technologies
From day one, you will have access to hands-on training to familiarise yourself with our technology stack and a wide range of customers and projects. Working with .Net, Java, SQL, you'll have the opportunity to deliver lifecycle application services and innovative solutions to enable organisations to prosper.

Meet Alison

Alison joined Version 1 through our Accelerate programme in our most recent intake of graduates. She shares her insights into how to succeed in a career in Digital and why she choose Version 1 to launch her career in Tech.

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Meet Dave

Now a seasoned Version 1 employee, Dave joined Version 1 through our Accelerate programme around 18 months ago. He is currently working in as a Managed Services Consultant and shares his insights and tips on all things Digital.

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My role involves a lot of logic and problem solving which is something that I enjoy. There are challenging aspects to but that is exactly what I want out of a career"
- Alison Ronayne - Digital Associate

A Great Place to Work, Not an Easy Place to Work

 At Version 1, we truly want to build something special.  We strive to hire those who want to be constantly challenged. In our Accelerate Programme, you’re not just a number on a production line but a full contributing IT Consultant from day one! We find ways to match your IT passions with our business growth.

If you apply now, not only will you  be working in one of Europe’s Best Large Workplaces, but you will also receive a Tailored Development Programme including:

  • Role Specific Training
  • Technical Mentor – Certification Pathway direction
  • Fully Paid Certifications and Study Leave
  • Career guidance & dedicated Accelerate Programme Manager
  • Version 1 Career Path Development Workshops
  • Supportive Graduate Network

We’re always looking for people who will make our culture even better. If you want to future-proof your IT career, you can do so by applying now below.

Get to know our other Graduates here at Version 1

Meet Chris

Chris discusses his less than usual route in IT and why he decided to join Version 1 and pave his career in Enterprise Applications.
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Get Aligned to a Programme That Best Fits You

Our screening process offers a suite of assessments that identify key individual personality styles, traits & behaviours which will help identify a role that you are most likely to accelerate in at Version 1. Once we have found the right role for you, these assessments will also be used as a development tool as they will offer further insight into key aspects of your performance such as motivations, communications styles, strengths and limitations. The Accelerate Programme framework will enable you to maximise your potential in your role, and subsequently progress your career path development in Version 1.

Digital Services
Develop Global Systems with Diverse Digital Technologies. Accelerate in our 2019 IT Graduate Programme.
Enterprise Cloud
Work with leading Cloud Experts in a dynamic and passionate environment to generate innovative solutions for global customers. Accelerate in our 2019 IT Graduate Programme.
Enterprise Applications
Transform how businesses operate, help them to run more efficiently and enable better business decisions with a career in Enterprise Applications. Accelerate in our 2019 IT Graduate programme.