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Working as a Managed Service Consultant, our Digital Associate Jake discusses how his appetite for technology and personal development has lead him to a fulfilling career within Version 1

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How did you end up joining Version 1?

After finishing my undergrad I found out about conversion courses and quickly realised how many opportunities there was in an IT career. I enrolled in a web development postgraduate course and found an appetite for technology and development I never knew I had. Lots of the graduates I started with came from different backgrounds before joining Version 1. One of the best things about Version 1 is that they don’t limit their intakes to candidates with purely technical backgrounds!

What's special about Version 1?

Version 1 was a very approachable company for someone fresh out of education, looking to start their career. The emphasis on career progression development and the opportunity to rotate between areas was also a huge attraction. What I’ve enjoyed about Version 1 the most so far are the people that work here, it’s a hard working but relaxed environment at the same time.

The emphasis on a healthy work-life balance allows me to pursue my passion outside of work, music, Whether it's finding new music, writing or producing it or playing it. I’m one of the resident DJ’s in Berlin bar in Dublin so a lot of my spare time goes into practicing sets, coming up with new ideas and promoting gigs.

Does your role within Version 1 challenge you?

The first three months of my role has been 'colourful'. I work as a Managed Service Consultant on the Java & PHP team which is a Digital Service. One of the most exciting things about this role was being given responsibilities from day one. I’ve already worked on projects such as data migrations and everyday support for the Courts Service online for an Irish Public Sector Client, and unit testing existing code for an Irish Government Department applications.

What I like most about my role is that it has really broadened my opportunities. Coming from a PHP background before Version 1, I sort of had tunnel vision with regards to staying in that area. Since joining, nearly all my work has been Java-based, which I’ve managed to learn a lot from.

Any advice for those interested in the Accelerate Programme?

My advice to the next generation of graduates is to read the core values and really have a think about them. Try and relate them to past experiences that you have had, try and consider them and incorporate them into everyday decisions and actions.

A good personality is critical, for example, the Core Value- No Ego, you can be confident without being arrogant. These are pretty useful points to be able to bring up in an interview.

"The Core Values are not a set of rules but more a set of guidelines, that will help you excel in Version 1."
- Jake's advice to new joiners

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