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Working as an Associate Functional Consultant, our Enterprise Applications Associate Odhran discusses how the fast-paced, challenging environment within Version 1 is exactly what he wants from a career in IT.

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How did you end up joining Version 1?

I didn't take a 'normal' route into IT. After graduating I went into Supply Chain Management, obtaining over 2 years’ experience in the tech and pharmaceutical industry. I then spent a year within the FMCG industry in Sales and Merchandising.

I was in pursuit of a career and company that encouraged self-development, in an industry that was expanding and in an environment that was good to work in. Version 1 happened to facilitate that and more.

What appealed to you about Version 1?

To tell the truth I didn’t know much about Version 1 before I stumbled across the Accelerate program being advertised on an online jobs board. After reading about them, what became most alluring for me was the multitude of career paths that they offer. Alongside the extensive career opportunities offered, and with the company being a certified Great Place to Work, it quickly became a no-brainer to apply.

Even with my lack of experience in the IT industry, the Accelerate program offered me a career opportunity. There are endless development and progression opportunities within Version 1 for those with a hunger to succeed. It’s very much a place where you are encouraged to grow and be happy in at the same time.

Does your role challenge you?

Very much so. I am in the Enterprise Applications, Managed Services Department working as an Associate Functional Consultant. It’s a fast-paced department, Version 1 in general is fast-paced. This isn’t something to be frightened of but embraced. Essentially what it means is that I’m learning a lot very quickly – a challenging task but enjoying every minute of it.

Version 1 has a clear interest in investing in their employees and are a tremendous enabler of continuous learning. For example, I received my first Cert within just two months of being in the company! There is such an abundance of experience and personalities on my team that makes the journey seem very achievable and enjoyable.

Have you any advice for Graduates?

I would say to dive straight into any work that comes your way. Keep up the friendship that you will undoubtedly create among fellow graduates and establish new ones. Take on as much work as possible and gain as much experience as you can. You can go as far as your drive will take you in Version 1.

Look through the company’s Core Values and if you think they’re applicable to how you wish to conduct business/live life within Version 1. If they match your outlook then I'd strongly recommend pursuing your career here, they are the backbone of Version 1.

"Take on as much work as possible and gain as much experience as you can. You can go as far as your drive will take you in Version 1."
- Odhran's advice to new joiners

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