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Shauna joined Version 1 through our Accelerate programme in our most recent intake of graduates. She discusses why she chose to start her career in Enterprise Applications with Version 1 and she shares her experiences to date.

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Shauna's Story

How did you end up joining Version 1?

I started out studying Government and Politics for two years, but then I realised it was more of an interest rather than something I wanted to make a career out of. I switched to studying Business Studies and I decided to specialise in Marketing for the last two years of the degree. I thought I was heading for a career in Marketing, until one evening my friend dragged me along to a seminar with her. The speakers were talking about the current technological landscape and the future of IT. I was instantly fascinated.

The seminar prompted me to take an IT module in my final semester and I was hooked! I finally found something I knew for definite that I wanted to do. I then pursued a Masters in Information Systems for Business Performance before joining Version 1.

What has been your best experience in Version 1 so far?

One of the most enjoyable times so far in Version 1 was the Graduate Bootcamp for the first month. I really enjoyed being introduced and spending time with all the other graduates. Everyone had such diverse backgrounds, it was brilliant to get to know everyone and learn about Version 1.

Tell us about your current role, what do you like most about it?

I am based in the Manages Services Practice. I'm currently working for a major Utilities Provider. I am providing database and application support for many of their key systems to assist with the day to day running of their business. Working within the Incident Management team, I’m responsible for incident, problem, and knowledge management.

Working here has been excellent from a professional development perspective. There’s a huge emphasis on training and development at Version 1. They really encourage me to plan my career and also provide the opportunity to acquire further certifications. I have recently acquired the ITIL Foundation Certification. I am currently studying for my first Oracle Certification – ‘Oracle Database 12c SQL’.

You are given plenty of opportunities in Version 1 so you have to be willing to seize whatever comes at you and work hard!"
- Shauna's advice to new joiners

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