Chris's Story

Chris discusses his less than usual route in IT, why he decided to join Version 1 and how he is now paving his career in Enterprise Applications.

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Chris's Story


How did you end up joining Version 1?

Before coming to Version 1 I worked as a Lecturer in Behavioural Psychology and a Secondary level English Teacher in Vietnam. My original degree was in Psychology and Economics. As I graduated in in 2009 I pretty much had to emigrate! I followed this up with my teaching Masters in Psychology and worked in education in Vietnam, Ireland and the UK. In 2017 I was given an opportunity to return to college for free to study Computer Science via a H.Dip. Turns out I both really enjoy Computer Science and I have a tiny bit of skill with so I ran with it, joining Version 1 in March of 2018.

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What appealed to you about Version 1

I attended a talk on Version 1 whilst undertaking my H.Dip, and was struck on the emphasis on the company values and the inclusiveness of the teams as well as the access to knowledge. Coming from a non-technical background with only a year-long conversion course behind me I was hungry for more knowledge and the educational prospects within Version 1 were very attractive to me as well as the opportunities to work on some interesting projects.

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Does your role challenge you? Have you discovered anything about yourself, good or otherwise?

I work as an Oracle Apps DBA in the Enterprise Resource Planning Department. The role is incredibly varied but has given me a host of experience in networking, server management and scripting which has been extremely beneficial as most of my prior work has focused exclusively on development. So far I feel like I already have a fuller grasp on the lifecycle of software development. My ability to absorb and digest information has been tested, but I feel like I am coping quite well overall.

"Recognise your strengths. Continuous learning, improvement and development are a natural part of any industry, and essential in IT."
- Chris's advice to new joiners

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