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Python Engineer

Department: Digital Development & Architecture


Company Description

Version 1 is celebrating 25 years in the IT industry this year and we continue to be trusted by global brands to deliver IT solutions that drive customer success. 

Version 1 is not just a Microsoft Gold Partner, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and an Oracle Platform Partner; we are also an award-winning employer and our employees are at the heart of Version 1. We invest in a strong culture of wellness through programs that help our employees create their journey toward optimal wellbeing. This framework is based on the ‘Strength in Balance‘ theme and this seen again in our Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Team motto “Bring Your Difference“. 

Job Description
  • Actively engage in solution design with Business and Technical representatives, be prepared to rapidly prototype solutions where relevant or necessary.  Bring your thoughts on new techniques and alternative approaches to the team.
  • Work without close supervision to deliver high quality software through the full development lifecycle.
  • Particular focus on provable code quality in support of a continuous delivery methodology.
  • Have an awareness of requirements, constraints, and general DevOps relating to deploying cloud-based applications, particularly in relation to:

              - High Availability, Disaster Recovery requirements
              - Performance and Scalability
              - Change Management
              - Security
              - Monitoring and Logging

  • Recommend and champion the use of new technologies whether for direct use in products or in supporting the development lifecycle.
  • Planning, estimation, and logical organisation of tasks.
  • Implement solutions as per technical design for new features and changes to existing components.
  • Perform code reviews and testing as needed to ensure high quality deliverables.
  • Set and deliver the highest standards of achievement, demanding the same from all team members.
  • Assess the impact of changes on existing products, for example API changes.


 The role involves development of public and private APIs, web application backends, and data acquisition from web sources using the Python language.  

  • Create and communicate development plans and schedules.
  •  Create Scrapers to ingest versioned regulation content.  Some we’ll get in XML format, some in JSON via API, some from HTML and some from PDFs.  Strong focus on error-handling and on frameworks to support recurring automated acquisition of content.
  • Build APIs for third-party access to regulations from the client, to be implemented under an API management system.
  • Build responsive, reliable, performant, and secure web application backends.
  • Implement, tune, and maintain the DevOps necessary to support the above.
  • Document what’s been built.

We expect this is 75% coding & testing effort, 25% on Design, DevOps, Documentation.  We’re looking for an individual who can contribute strongly to both areas.

  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in comparable business/technical/product environments.
  • 3+ years of working in software development of comparable applications (any language)
  • Proficiency in Python
  • Proficiency in cloud-based development, DevOps, operations
  • Strong communication skills
  • Reasonable Linux knowledge
  • Must-have Technologies – Python 3, HTML, SQL, XML, GIT,
  • Experience of configuring cloud environments: Microsoft Azure and/or Amazon AWS.
  • Modern and agile DevOps


  • Web scraping experience
  • Rest APIs via Python Flask
  • PostgreSQL and use of PostgreSQL via SQLAlchemy.
  • Experience of LegalDocML / Akoma Ntoso
  • NLP / Text Analytics
Additional Information

Before you apply, here are some of our benefits. We offer profit share, pension, private medical, flexible working policy and more. We offer incentives for accreditations and educational assistance for courses relevant to your role.

We offer employee recognition in the form of Excellence Awards and V1Ps which is awarded by your peers. Engagement is incredibly important with local engagement teams driving our engagement events!


Wired to Deliver

Every decision we make is governed by six core values. They are simply stated, non-negotiable and ever present.

Honesty and Integrity
Telling customers what they need to hear – not what they want to hear.
Personal Commitment
Being accountable and keeping commitments
No Ego
Having an open, helpful and ‘No Job Too Small’ attitude.
Customer First
Actively seeking customer feedback to understand your business.
Good enough is never our objective. We solve tough problems and make innovative suggestions.
Our customers are accustomed to working with driven, results focused Version 1 people.

Consistently Rated a Top Workplace By Our People

Strong core values, a culture of trust and empowerment, and a vision for success position Version 1 as a top employer across the UK, Ireland and India. If you are seeking a fair workplace in which recognition is based on merits, and career pathways are based on skills, then we could be a fit for you.

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