Combining wellbeing and technology to enhance our employee's experience.

WellTech Explained

WellTech is composed of four key concepts, combining wellbeing and technology, ​​​​​​​with the aim to;

  • Give our people the freedom to move from their workspace while working.
  • Encourage more movement throughout the day.
  • Provide employees with enhanced ergonomics – improving the comfort and design of their workspaces for long-term health.
  • Providing our people with the digital tools and equipment to promote physical health and mental wellbeing.


- Walk & Talk: Why not install MS Teams onto your phone or utilise your Bluetooth headset and have meetings whilst on the move.​​​​​
- Move between meetings: Make a conscious effort of moving away from your workspace even if only for a few minutes between meetings.
- Set reminders to move: Block out time in your diary to move. Take the time to go for a walk, go to the gym or do an at-home workout.
- Avail of Version 1 classes: Schedule the time to attend any Version 1 exercise classes through our dedicated WellTech app.
- Fake Commute: While working from home, a “fake commute” in the mornings and evenings might help you not only increase your daily movement but also help you switch off in the evenings. Why not try a 15-minute walk every morning and evening.


- Workspace: Whether in the office or home, it is crucial that our workspace is set up correctly, so everyone at Version 1 completes ergonomic training.
- Switching Off: It can often be difficult to switch off at the end of the working day. At the end of the day shutting down your laptop, putting it away if you can and changing from your work clothes into your personal clothes can all help you separate your working life from home life.
- Stretch: Stretching regularly is vital to help prevent muscle tightness and stiffness.

Smarter Working

- Focus Time: We all need time to concentrate and not be disturbed while we work, so our teams use the “Do not disturb” feature on MS Teams. ​​
- Be Flexible: Where possible, we will accommodate your needs if you need to start work earlier or later to fit your lifestyle.
- Take regular breaks and a lunch Break: It can be so easy to keep working through lunch and have a quick bite to eat in front of your workspace. Be smart, you are entitled to a lunch break so take it!
- Get some fresh air during your lunch break: Why not take a walk or go for a run during your lunch break. It really helps to keep you refreshed so you don’t hit that afternoon slump.
- 15-minute meetings: Schedule 15-minute meetings rather than automatically scheduling 30 minutes so you can work smarter with your time.


- Digital Drop By: While we are not working side by side, we can all miss those moments of colleagues dropping by our desks for a quick chat. If our people notice a colleagues status is “Available”, we encourage them to call for a Digital Drop By – you might get more answers in a 5-minute conversation than a series of back and forth emails.
- Join Events: Every quarter there are Buzz, CSR, DIBs and Wellbeing events to get involved with and a great opportunity to get to know people from outside your teams.
- Technical Connections: Avail of WellTech equipment to support you in being better able to connect with your colleagues and customers. Use platforms such as Miro to enhance your collaborations.

Health and Wellbeing at Version 1

At Version 1 we want our employees to be healthy and live well, so we strive to promote a culture of positive health and wellbeing daily. We invest in a strong culture of wellness through programs, activities and resources that help our employees create their own journey toward optimal wellbeing. Take a look at some of our initiatives here.
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