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Community First is Version 1's key initiative to give back to the communities we work in to ensure that no one gets left behind.

At Version 1 we believe it’s important to support community groups through funding, sponsorship and volunteering efforts to ensure we are making a real difference.

As we have grown our work has developed from ad hoc requests from our local communities to now having a network of local champions leading teams in each of the offices across Version 1. From Cork to Bangalore (Bengaluru), these efforts coordinated centrally. Each office can decide on the best way to have a positive impact in their local community through managing their local team donations and local volunteering initiatives.

How Will We Achieve Our Goals?


Through the Community First fund, Version 1 is able to provide much needed funding to local community groups who in turn affect the lives of many. Each office has its own Community First fund which is made up of base funding from Version 1 with personal contributions from staff within that regional office which is matched by the company.

Non-monetary donations also make a huge difference to our local communities, for example, food, clothing, toiletries, books, and toys which all make someone’s life out there a little easier, a little more pleasant.

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Version 1 is delighted to actively support community groups, schools, social care organisations and many more by empowering staff to provide those extra pair of hands to complete tasks that organisations don’t have time for or where they lack the necessary skills. Any help we provide is gratefully received and really is a physical example of giving back.

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Version 1 also sponsors local individuals, clubs and events to provide a helping hand where funds are hard to come by. As a result, the Version 1 brand has become better known across the many regions where we operate and we have also been able to promote other aspects of ESG, such as Health & Wellbeing, Education and Women in Tech.

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Version 1 supports local charities through dedicated fundraising drives, either locally or across the company. Recent examples were the response to the Covid Appeal for India and the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. All our offices fundraise for charities that they can connect with and this not only raises much needed funds but also highlights charities that many of our staff would not be aware of.

Our Achievements so Far

For a collection of our highlights over the past few years, download our PDF below
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Our Pledges and Commitments

To achieve our Community First goals and support our ESG strategy have committed to achieving…

  • At least 25% of the Version 1 team personally contribute to their Community First initiatives
    • By embedding a culture of giving as a part of our organisation, we will ensure that at least a quarter of the team at Version 1 feel supported to improve their communities.
  • 1000 hours delivered in volunteering to improve employability and skills in the communities we work in over 2022
    • Version 1 will provide opportunities for our team to donate their time, ensuring our whole organisation understands that our work with communities is valued at Version 1.
  • At least 30 new community initiatives launched by 2023
    • The Community First team will launch 30 new initiatives over 2022, working with our local champions to ensure our global impact can be delivered locally for the communities we live and work in.
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From our Head of Community First...

“As I’ve gotten older, one thing has resonated with me more than anything else, and that’s not to judge anyone until you’ve walked in their shoes. We never know when we’ll be the ones reaching out for help. That’s why Community First is so important to me.” – Monica Johnston

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