Version 1 Delivers OutSystems Platform for Education Authority

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See how Version 1 digitally transformed the application process for the Education Authority.

In 2020, the Education Authority (EA) identified a need to establish a new online application process to streamline their admissions process and system. The Covid-19 pandemic expedited the need for such a system and the EA engaged Version 1 to carry out a discovery exercise, exploring three user journeys – parents, schools and EA administrative staff – to identify how they could be improved, and establish a new, digital-first system. 

The Version 1 team identified the OutSystems Platform as the best strategic option for the EA, as it was the only one that could ensure delivery of the desired results within the required timeline. As well as solving the EA’s current issue, it also offered the EA the opportunity to move future projects onto this platform. 

About OutSystems

As a long-term market leader, OutSystems are concentrated on continually improving platform operation and the developer experience, which allows Version 1 to fully focus on our customers’ needs and experiences – helping them achieve a faster ROI, and getting through more of the digital transformation backlog, with leaner, more effective teams.  

Our OutSystems experts are highly experienced in successfully implementing, delivering and maintaining your applications, working closely with Digital Transformation consultants to make sure a common vision is shared. Agile development helps to realise that vision swiftly, steering your business along the way. Our architects help to guide you towards modular, reusable components and our managed services can operate solutions for the long-term, with all of the monitoring and support you need.

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