Version 1 Critical Application Migration Results in £12 million Savings per year for UK Govt Department

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A Public Sector Department, that is essential for providing support for people across the UK partnered with Version 1 to transform their cloud application. The mission was to facilitate a data centre exit and eliminate £1 million per month in hosting costs should the data centre transition deadline be missed. The particular application that Version 1 were asked to migrate had been previously attempted by multiple other technology organisations and had been unsuccessful.

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The application was tightly integrated with several other systems and therefore migration was complex. An outage would have impacted a large number of internal and external users. The Oracle E-business application was running beyond its extended support, had suffered from poor performance issues and had been the subject of negative national press attention. Version 1 had been tasked to migrate and stabilise the application within 6 months.

Why Version 1?

Version 1 have a strong history of collaboration with the Public Sector. We are experts in Cloud, AWS and Oracle and have a large team of consultants that have experience in a variety of technology domains. Having won AWS Migration Partner of the Year 2022, Version 1, have a strong endorsement and credibility to transform complicated workloads to cloud platforms.

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Version 1 conducted an initial discovery and extensive planning exercise. There was a lack of documentation to gather information from. A test-driven approach was taken including functional, performance and security testing.

4 key environments were identified for migration. For each migration there was a refinement of migration runbooks, an extensively rehearsed migration and documentation had been completed and conducted. Detailed planning and communication were key to the success.

A multi-functional team of Delivery Managers, Business Analysts, Architects, DBAs and Engineers where deployed. The team had detailed the dependencies, decisions and issues. Version 1 had to architect components of the AWS Landing Zone and build the target environment and collaborate with the department and other suppliers.

The application was migrated successfully within the 6 months and in doing so, Version 1 also improved the stability and performance in migrating the application to the new cloud platform, AWS. Many of AWS’ advanced services were used on the new platform including Serverless and Networking technologies.

Real Differences, Delivered

  • Driving transformation in a multi stakeholder and supplier estate
  • Migration within 6 months of a complex, multi-integrated Oracle E-business application that was out of support and other technology suppliers had previously failed to migrate
  • Cost savings of £1million per month
  •  Capacity for 3000 external concurrent application logins
  • Reduction in log in time reduced from 4 minutes to under 10 seconds
  • Reduction in batch processing from 3-13 hours to 57 minutes
  • Back up and disaster recovery to specific RTO/RPOs.
  • Use of the various expertise in Version 1 including AWS, Architecture, Database and Oracle
  • Complete documentation of the Department’s main business processes and defined test scenarios

The migration was dubbed the “equivalent of changing the engine in a 747 at 30,000 feet” by the UK Government Department

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