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Webinar: How to Prepare for Oracle’s Fiscal Year End

April 17, 2018

License audits are increasing in frequency and it’s likely that you either have received or will soon receive a vendor audit letter. However, the threat of a review is not the only reason to plan for a license audit. Now is the time to ensure that you are prepared to make the most of the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls of Oracle’s year-end. This is the best time to negotiate the purchase of licenses with the best price and terms to your benefit.

Additionally, Oracle also use the end of the year as an opportunity to complete audits and outstanding license deals. Because a significant part of Oracle’s business is done at this time of year, you are likely to have annual renewals, declarations and associated deadlines from previous years.

Our Software Asset Management and Licensing Experts discussed the risks and implications of not planning for Oracle’s year-end, and how this can lead to disruption in day-to-day business activities.

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