Regulatory Analytics: Stories of Technology Innovations Driving Transformation in Regulatory Compliance

Republic of Work, 12 S Mall, Centre, Cork, Ireland  |  29 January 2020

Regulatory Analytics: Stories of Technology Innovations Driving Transformation in Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Analytics is a growing category of information analysis which involves gathering and storing relevant data and mining it for patterns, discrepancies and anomalies. Advanced analytic solutions and new technologies are transforming what were previously manual, slow, costly processes helping to glean insights from mountains of records collected across organisations delivering wholesale change in how regulatory compliance challenges are managed.

This event brought together speakers from regulated industries such as Agtech, Pharma, and Higher Education to illustrate how cutting edge technologies such as Machine Learning, AI and Blockchain are driving transformation and innovation within these regulated environments.

Attendees were able to interact and explore innovations in Data Science in our live demo showcase, while networking with peers.


David Hawe, Cork Institute of Technology

Mick Phelan, Johnson & Johnson
Karl O’Connell, Irish Cattle Breeders Federation

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Michael Phelan, Johnson & Johnson

Dr. Michael Phelan is a passionate analytics leader with over 17 years’ experience collaborating with customers and stakeholders to identify the correct strategy and execution of analytics and digital transformation projects. Michael has extensive experience working across educational, electronics, service and healthcare sectors; including strategy and team development, project execution and promotion.

Michael is a member of the Irish Government Industry 4.0 Steering Group and the Analytics Institute Munster Advisory Council. He lectures in Data Science at CIT and has published articles on Supply Chain analytics in several international peer reviewed journals and books and presented at international conferences.

Michael is a certified Data Science professional and Scrum Master and was named “Data Scientist of the Year” at the 2018 DatSci Awards.

David Hawe, Cork Institute of Technology

David Hawe is a Data Scientist who spent several years working in various data science and engineering roles in bio/pharmaceuticals as well as working on other projects in areas such as banking signal processing. He has experience in a variety of modelling techniques as well as numerous programming languages. He holds a PhD in statistics and a BSc in mathematical sciences.

Karl O'Connell, Irish Cattle Breeders Federation

Karl is passionate about harnessing DNA analytics data for the greater good of the Irish cattle industry. ICBF manages one of the largest integrated animal databases containing animal ancestry and DNA results, birth details, performance records, laboratory results and more areas of information that are critical to the profitability of the agri-food industry in Ireland. Through the adoption of innovative technologies such as Blockchain, ICBF wants to leverage its animal genetics database in order to deliver food quality metrics, animal welfare statistics and carbon emission information to the public. Karl will give us a unique insight into how DNA data combined with technological innovations can improve the genetic gain of Irish cattle.

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