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Transformation at Speed

Driving business success in today’s world requires an innovative, modern, and agile IT solution, with Public Cloud Infrastructure playing a key role in enabling this capability. How can your enterprise move towards Cloud and run digital customer experiences and workloads to deliver on business objectives, whilst saving on time and costs?

Welcome, to Foundations.

Our Quickstart Delivery Accelerators

Foundations is our collection of Quickstart Delivery Accelerators which help your organisation to deliver at speed, increasing the security and quality of outcomes whilst also reducing risk. Our Delivery Accelerators are prebuilt solutions developed by our Cloud Centre of Excellence and which incorporate our methodologies, standards, and best practices.

Below are some examples of our accelerators and how they can be combined to create even greater value.

Moving To The Cloud

Cloud Native Application Modernisation

Document Management

Data as a Service

Using automation and cloud PaaS services, our Data as a Service accelerator allows you to load additional data sources at runtime via a “no-code” configuration type approach for import into your cloud based data warehouse.

Cloud Landing Zones

We provide battle tested hardened Landing Zone accelerators for Azure, AWS and OCI using Automation and Infrastructure as Code which help you get setup on the cloud quickly, securely and according to industry standards.

Discovery Tool

The Cloud Migration Discovery Tool is an accelerator which is used by our consultants to automate and standardise the cloud migration discovery and assessment process. This tool represents our "Expertise as Code", encapsulating the knowledge and experience of many large scale successful deliveries. This ensures we provide our customers with a standardised and highly efficient outcome by automating the process of data ingestion, classification and reporting.

Moving To The Cloud

Are you moving to the cloud? Do you need to take your data with you?

  1. Our bespoke Cloud Migration Discovery Tool enables us to more effectively assess your cloud migration journey
  2. Our Cloud Landing Zones enable you to get up and running on the cloud safely, securely and quickly using a standardised and repeatable automation process
  3. Additionally, you can then use our Data as a Service accelerator to provision data pipelines for ingesting your data workloads.
Payment Provider Integration

Need to enable your customers to pay via your application? Use our Payment Provider Integration accelerator for such a case. This includes the frontend code with which the user interacts and the backend integration code for major payment providers such as Paypal, Paysafe, Stripe & JudoPay. This means we can quickly add this capability to your application by reusing this prebuilt component.

Cloud Native App Mod

Quite often, the Non Functional Requirements (NFRs) for adhering to your organisational standards can be as exhaustive as your Functional Requirements (FRs). We’ve therefore built an accelerator which focuses on implementing many of the more common NFRs with sensible defaults. This means our teams can hit the ground running more quickly and focus on the Functional Requirements.

Cloud Landing Zones

We provide battle tested hardened Landing Zone accelerators for Azure, AWS and OCI using Automation and Infrastructure as Code which help you get setup on the cloud quickly, securely and according to industry standards.

Cloud Native Application Modernisation

Do you have an existing application you want to modernise and move to the cloud? Or do you need to develop a new system? Combine our accelerators and leverage the power of our prebuilt solutions:

  1. Cloud Landing Zones get you up and running on the cloud using best practices
  2. Cloud Native App Mod provides an advanced starting point for your bespoke web application
  3. Payment Provider Integration enables payments from your application, if required

This example shows how you can mix and match our technical and functional delivery accelerators to enable additional value and speed of delivery

Smart Text

Our custom Document Analytics solution, Smart Text, uses state of the art Natural Language Processing AI models to automatically extract actionable insights from unstructured documents such as Named Entities, Sentiment, Document Summarisation etc. This allows you to unlock hidden value in your data, and help your teams deal more effectively with the many documents you handle on a day to day basis.

Smart Data Capture

If you still receive paper forms that you have to manually transcribe, then our Smart Data Capture delivery accelerator is for you. Utilising cutting edge Intelligent Data Processing (IDP) technology, Smart Data Capture can automatically parse forms, extract fields for review and push data to internal systems, thus bringing new levels of efficiency to your business.

Document Upload

Our Document Upload component includes the frontend with which the user interacts and the backend that processes that upload, including antivirus scanning, and the automation to set this up on the cloud. This means we can quickly add this capability to your application by reusing this prebuilt component.

Document Management

Do you receive documents from your customers? Combine our document management related accelerators to transform the way you work.

  1. Enable document uploads via your application, including automated antivirus scanning
  2. Extract data from documents, including paper based handwritten forms, to avoid manual data entry processes
  3. Extract actionable insights and data from unstructured documents to drive higher levels of business intelligence

Push the boundaries of IT service delivery with an advanced starting point for your Cloud, Digital, and Data projects.

Benefits of Foundations

Faster Delivery
Accelerating delivery with automation and pre-built recipes for common workloads
Reduced Risk
Reduced risk using battle tested solutions and automation
Increased Quality
Increased quality through standardisation and automation
Secure by Design
Security is a fundamental concern and we have built industry best practices into every aspect of our of our Foundations quickstart accelerators
Increased Agility
By applying industry best practices such as DevOps and automation, Foundations enables increased levels of agility allowing you to respond to change more quickly
Focus on what matters
By addressing many of the standard technical challenges and requirements, Foundations allows us to more quickly focus on solving your core business requirements

Our Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles ensure we have a clear understanding of our objectives and on what basis we make design decisions.


We design for cloud-first.
Our cloud native accelerators enable you, our customer, to take advantage of the Infrastructre As a Service (IAAS) and Platform as a Service (PAAS) solutions offered by our cloud partners. This approach enables you to accelerate your time to market and focus on the core business requirements

best practice

Aligned to industry standard solutions & architectures.
We use industry-standard solutions, ranging from Open Source technologies and frameworks to Cloud-Native PAAS services based on the scenario and requirement. We take a pragmatic approach to the technology choice to ensure we provide appropriate solutions and apply over 25 years of experience delivering enterprise applications for some of the UK & Ireland’s largest customers to Foundations, expressing our opinion of what good looks like, saving you time and reducing the risk of failure by providing a standardised and proven solution.


Our accelerators can be stacked to create additional value.
We’ve built our Foundations to be modular, allowing these to be combined, like Lego bricks, for increased agility and value. This approach ensures we retain the flexibility to swap parts in and out based on your requirements, maximising the level of reuse. This also enables us to apply these solutions not only to brand new "greenfield" projects, but also to existing projects, ensuring Foundations can benefit all of our customers.

secure by

Incorporating security for every foundation accelerator.
Security is such an important topic and it is an absolute fundamental aspect of our Foundations. We build secure delivery practices into our accelerators in many ways, through automated penetration testing, to secure cloud provisioning, to automated code analysis, through to the application of a principle of least privilege, amongst many others. We take security seriously at Version 1 and believe standardising these practices into our Delivery Accelerators is an excellent way to help enshrine these practices in how we deliver.


Optimisation through standarisation.
Foundations enables increased levels of standardisation, from architecture to technology stack, to how we handle errors or log information. This standardisation allows our teams to deliver more efficiently for you and results in a higher quality outcome with less variability and risk.


From test automation to automation of environment creation, to automation of the project creation process.
Foundations focuses heavily on using automation to reduce the level of manual effort, increase the level of standardisation, enforce “policy as code”, improve compliance controls, and reduce room for error. This ranges from Test Automation to automation of environment creation via Infrastructure as Code (IaC), to automation of the project creation process.
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50% or more of consultancies revenue will leverage assets by 2025

In their 2020 report, Gartner stated that With the demands for expediency and ongoing insight from an increasingly digital world, assets will take an increasingly larger role in consulting delivery. A majority of consultancies polled by Gartner analysts indicated that 50% or more of their consulting revenue will leverage assets by 2025″.

Our Foundations Quickstart Delivery Accelerators demonstrates Version 1’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of IT consulting.

Strength In Balance

As our customers know, the Version 1 Difference is our Strength in Balance, enabling Customer Success whilst maintaining a Strong Organisation and enabling a culture of Empowered People. Foundations is a real example of the Version 1 Difference in Action:

  • Empowers our People by providing best practice Accelerators which reflect the collective knowledge of our 2000+ staff, ensuring they can deliver effectively and advance their careers.
  • Enables Customer Success by utilising standardised, secure and proven solutions that de-risk delivery.
  • Ensures a Strong Organisation by allowing us to deliver our services more efficiently, thus providing a better service to you, our customer, so that we have a real differentiator.

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