Health and Wellbeing at Version 1

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Health and Wellbeing is at the forefront of everything we do here at Version 1...

We want our employees to be healthy and maintain a positive work-life balance. Our “My Wellbeing” strategy focuses on five pillars. We place equal focus on each pillar and do not believe that one is more important than the other. Our five pillars are:

  1. Sense of Purpose
  2. Mental Health
  3. Physical Wellbeing
  4. Financial Management
  5. Connections
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Our Plans

Here At Version 1, we are very proud to have been certified as a Healthy Place to Work® and a Best Workplace for Wellbeing by Great Place to Work.

Each quarter we run numerous events and initiatives under each pillar, whether that’s our online yoga classes, financial management webinars, mindfulness series, EAP programme, celebrating recognition days or celebrating Excellence; our holistic approach ensures that there is something in place for all our employees to benefit from. We provide our employees with a huge array of online resources which they can access in their own time which best suits them to enhance their overall wellbeing.

Despite the great strides we have taken to offer a healthy workplace for our employees we know we can still take this further, and therefore we are making the following commitments:

Our Commitments

To Remain a Great Place to Work

We will strive to maintain our certifications for Healthy Place to Work® and Best Workplace for Wellbeing by Great Place to Work.

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To Offer Support

We will aim to enhance our wellbeing offerings for employees by focussing on both mental health and emotional wellbeing.

To Help our Team Work

We will continue to provide all our employees with the tools and equipment needed to enhance their work from home experience in a post-covid world.

Our Pledges and Commitments

To support our Health & Wellbeing goals and support our ESG strategy we will commit to achiving…

  • Maintain Healthy Place to Work and Best Workplace in wellbeing status
  • Enhance our wellbeing offering with a particular focus on supporting our employees mental and emotional wellbeing
    • 10 mental health first aiders to be trained in 2022
    • Rollout of  Workplace Resilience And Wellbeing (WRAW) companywide in collaboration with 4 WRAW practitioners
    • Quarterly wellbeing webinars and workshops to be hosted
  • All employees to be provided with the tools and equipment to enhance their working from home experience via WellTech