AzureStart: Migrating Oracle to Azure

Resolving the challenges of migrating Oracle Workloads to Microsoft Azure

How do you migrate Oracle workloads to Microsoft Azure quickly, safely and successfully?


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Migrating Mission Critical Oracle Workloads to Azure

In our experience, organisations are increasingly looking to move more mission critical enterprise Oracle workloads to public cloud.

However, given their critical nature they want to migrate them in a way which delivers business benefits in a rapid and predictable manner, whilst minimising business risk and organisational impact. Explore our range of AzureStart content below to learn how Version 1 resolves the challenge of moving complex Oracle workloads to Microsoft Azure.

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As Microsoft Partners, Version 1 migration of Oracle environments to Microsoft Azure involves a partnership-driven planning process that firstly delivers a Cloud Strategy and Adoption Assessment, coupled with the implementation of a hands-on technology pilot with tightly-defined deliverables. Learn more about our approach in detail from the AzureStart datasheet.

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AzureStart Addresses Crucial Concerns

Your Software Licensing and Compliance Concerns
Cost Reduction and Continuous Optimisation in the Cloud
The Safety and Security of Your Migration to Cloud
Currently we are working with a range of customers across government, construction, manufacturing and utilities sectors,  to help move their Oracle workloads to Microsoft Azure delivering significant business agility and wider digital transformation strategies.
- Roger Whitehead, Version 1 Advisory Services

Maximising Value While Migrating Oracle to Microsoft Azure

There is often a misconception that migrating Oracle workloads to public cloud will be expensive, difficult and unsupported. What are the main concerns of the business decision-makers? This white paper aims to provide organisations moving Oracle to Microsoft Azure cloud with the necessary knowledge and business strategies to overcome these challenges and concerns.

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