Database Migration Solution - DB2C

Take Your Enterprise Databases to Public Cloud at Scale With DB2C

Simplify the Migration of Your Database Estate to the Cloud

Looking to migrate your enterprise databases to the Public Cloud?

With the majority of organisations now adopting Cloud, hundreds of thousands of databases that are critical to business operations need to be migrated during the Cloud adoption process. Databases are often seen as the ‘blocker’ in completing large scale Public Cloud adoptions, much like security, networks, and regulations in previous years.

Overcome the ‘database blocker’ and eliminate digital transformation barriers with Version 1’s ‘DB2C’ (Database to Cloud) solution. Using automation, large-scale databases can be migrated at an unprecedented scale and speed to the Cloud.

Version 1’s DB2C solution provides your organisation with an effortless method of migrating your databases to the Cloud, with minimum disruption to your business.

Database Migration Solution

Migrate the following databases, and more to the Public Cloud of your choice

Oracle to Cloud
MariaDB to Cloud
MySQL to Cloud
PostgreSQL to Cloud
SQL Server to Cloud
Any Database to Any Cloud

Key Features

Hassle-Free Installation

Simple Installation

Version 1 gets your organisation up and running with DB2C quickly

No Fuss Customisation

Easily customised by Version 1 to meet your needs

Optimised UX

User-friendly dashboards and interfaces for seamless management

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