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What is Test as a Service?

Test as a Service is Version 1’s model for partnering with customers, ensuring standardisation and business continuity in the areas of test capability.

It is our commitment to collaborate effectively, apply an automation-first ethos to Quality Assurance and Test. Our service objective includes helping to accelerate your business technically to bring an enhanced competitive edge to your business. With our service approach,  a key differentiator is the service management that we provide. This will bring insights to you in terms of efficiencies and effectiveness of our Test as a Service. Make Version 1 Test as a Service a part of your team.

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Best in Class QA Standards
Business Continuity
High On Time and In Full Results
Quarterly Alignment to your Business Demand

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit”​

Why Version 1?

Experienced Experts, Quality Assured​
Our experienced Test leads will bring best-in-class capabilities to your projects.​
Cost Effective Model​
Sharing resources across your test-estate increases efficiency and reduces costs.​
True Partnership​
The service will manage knowledge share and document our QA Service of your estate, ensuring no risk to your business. ​
Flexible, Always-on Test Capability​
With all of your elected Candidate Workloads included in our capacity planning, our teams can ramp-up or down in line with business demand.​
Automation First Ethos​
Where feasible, Version 1 Business Process Improvements will steer towards automation, reducing ongoing effort and increasing performance.​
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Run Your Oracle Cloud Applications More Efficiently with Automated Testing

Automated Testing for Oracle Cloud Applications by Version 1 minimises the risk of interruption or impact of releases on enterprise organisations – allowing you to focus on the system test automation benefits the updates provide.
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Case Studies

Discover what Test as a Service has done for our customers.

Life Sciences
Improved agile experience with 20% faster release cycle and 10% annual budget saving.
Global Energy Provider
Quality Assurance on business-critical system, delivering 20% faster release cycles through an automation approach.
National Agri-Sciences Provider
Test as a Service on mobile application delivered an improved agile experience and end-user feedback.

Utilising Automated Testing for Atlas

Customer Success

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