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When you’re delivering critical payments to more than 19 million customers, a resilient IT environment is essential. But balancing the need for stability with the desire to modernise can be tough.

As a longstanding partner to the Department for Work and Pensions, Version 1 has been recognised for exceptional service delivery. We’ve helped you assess and measure DevOps and data skills, migrate on-prem applications to the cloud, and more.

Now, we want to go beyond delivery and help you…

Transform in the cloud

Any cloud migration is a risk-laden undertaking, but Version 1 has been transitioning government agencies for decades—so you can trust us to deliver, at scale.

Unleash cloud’s true potential
With our award-winning cloud teams, you can surface data in ways impossible on legacy systems, and apply AI and analytics to drive dramatic process improvements.
Proven success
We have a track record of cloud success in DWP, having built the infrastructure to migrate on-prem applications to AWS—driving down cost and boosting agility.
Benefits without the risks
Obstacles, overruns, and setbacks. Hear from Version 1 and AWS on how to navigate the pitfalls and get true value out of cloud.
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Innovate with purpose

There’s no shortage of ways in which the Department for Work & Pensions could use AI, but Version 1 can help you make them real.

Tap into tomorrow
Our AI Labs helps customers apply artificial intelligence and other emerging tech to real world challenges.
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Transform today
Innovation isn’t just about what’s next. From pragmatic, made-for-government solutions to art-of-the-possible collaborations, our specialists can help you deliver both.
A #1 rated partner
In 2023 alone, Version 1 was named as the #1 partner to AWS (for collaboration), Oracle (innovation), and Microsoft (application modernisation).

Put citizens first

Digital transformation across the Department may be technology enabled—but ultimately, it’s service driven. Version 1 can help you deliver greater impact for citizens.

Customer-first, always
In 25 years, we’ve never lost sight of the need to deliver value at the frontline or the importance of putting service users and citizens first.
Delivering social value
At New City College in Greater London, our employability and digital skills programmes have delivered a real difference to disabled students
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Creating better experiences
See how we used Generative AI to create a more engaging and inclusive exhibition experience at the National Museum of Computing.
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