AWS Control: Billing Service Optimisation

Take control of your AWS Bill

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Take control of your AWS Bill

One of the major factors driving companies to migrate to the Cloud is the minimal upfront cost of resource provisioning and an easy, pay-as-you-go operating model. These two factors, along with the disposable nature of the wide variety of available computing resources, and the ease of resizing those resources, makes Cloud an attractive alternative to large data centres

Version 1 can help you understand your monthly AWS bill and advise on how to best optimise you Cloud costs. Specific actions we advise customers to undertake include:

  • Identifying and suspending ghost and unattached storage instances
  • Right-sizing AWS consumption elements to reduce costs to an optimal level without impacting performance
  • Identifying, suspending or terminating unused compute instances
  • Uncovering opportunities to use reserved instances in order to drive cost savings from up-front investment
    Constant tuning, management and automation of Cloud assets is essential to achieve efficiency and cost optimisation.



Version 1 delivered savings of $346,000 in the first year of a cloud partnership with a major international airline