Run your Microsoft Workloads on AWS

Develop, Extend or Migrate Microsoft-based Solutions to the Cloud

Build, deploy, scale, and manage Microsoft applications quickly, easily, more securely and cost-effectively.

AWS gives you a cloud platform that helps run Microsoft applications like SharePoint, Dynamics and Exchange in a more secure, easily managed, high performance approach.

Version 1 will help you to plan, implement and manage your cloud migration and deployment to maximize your benefits including agility, security and cost efficiency. Version 1 can provide a fully managed database service to run Microsoft SQL Server on AWS, which helps you build web, mobile and custom business applications.

Database services running Microsoft SQL server on Relational Database service for building business applications. We manage Databases on Windows EC2 servers when a flexible and agile platform is required which can be integrated with various third-party applications for accelerating development cycles.

Why Version 1

With a wealth of experience in AWS and Microsoft, Version 1 is uniquely placed to offer advice on your Microsoft technology landscape and what parts might be suitable to transform and migrate to the cloud.

Version 1 has been working in the Microsoft technology arena since 2006 and today is recognised as one of the most competent partners in the UK and Irish markets.  With broad and deep expertise across the Microsoft stack, Version 1 can look beyond specific requirements to underlying customer issues and identify integrated solutions that leverage the entire technology stack.

Licence Experts
Dedicated Software Asset Management practice with Microsoft Licensing Expertise
Integration Specialists
Application, database, infrastructure and system integration specialists. 20+ years working on traditional systems.
Cloud Experts
Experts in leading Public Cloud Platforms. 
Industry Certified
Independently assessed world class standards; ISO Certification Europe.

Our Agile Methodology

Our unique rapid and high-value engagements for migrating Microsoft Workloads to AWS comprise of the following steps, which can be customised to your particular environment and priorities:


Thorough discovery to unearth a unique solution


Take steps to refine and achieve optimal performance


Rolling out in carefully planned stages to minimise risk


Migrate and monitor your solution as it goes live

Benefits of moving Microsoft Workloads to AWS

License Optimisation
Cost Avoidance
Technical Agility
Operational Excellence
Application Transformation

Amazon Web Services

Version 1 is a leader in Enterprise Cloud services and was one of the first Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partners in Europe. We have a policy of continuous investment in technology solutions which benefit our customers and are in the small number partners to have achieved advanced partner status and competency in Oracle solutions. We are committed to skills accreditation and training for our consultants and have been recognised with the 50+ certified badge. This services to give customers assurance of optimal best practice cloud implementations and we are recommended by AWS to execute AWS Well Architected Reviews on their behalf.


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