Foundations: Application Modernisation Accelerator

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Accelerating Application Modernisation and Development on Azure

Our Application Modernisation Accelerator is a pre-configured solution template providing an advanced starting point to accelerate your Azure Enterprise Application Development, be it greenfield or legacy application development.

As part of Foundations, our Accelerator supports multiple common solution requirements including Web Applications, API Development, Data Integration, Reporting, and more.

What Foundations Means For You, Our Customer.

Foundations is Version 1’s collection of quickstart delivery accelerators that form the basis of how we deliver services to customers and embed our standards, methodologies, and best practices to ensure that we provide a highly standardised, repeatable, and technically excellent outcome for our customers.

We have invested significantly in Foundations so that we can deliver real value for you, accelerating the delivery of leading class, battle-tested solutions, that will have a real impact on your business. We’re excited to bring Foundations to you as part of our mission to prove that IT can make a real difference to our customer’s business.

Why Use Our Accelerator?

Faster to Market
There is no need to start from scratch with our accelerator - our team can quickly install and adapt to your needs.
De-Risk Outcomes
Reduce variability and uncertainty and increase repeatability and predictability by using standardised delivery templates.
Secure by Design
Our accelerator incorporates best practice open source frameworks and provides guardrails for building secure applications.
Better Outcomes through Automation
Reduce manual and repetitive tasks through automation, allowing you to deliver faster with reduced errors and increased agility.
Designed to be Modular
Our accelerator is designed to be modular to ensure maximum reuse and flexibility. Foundation's template building blocks can be recombined and reconfigured according to your specific needs.
Better Team Collaboration
Achieve better collaboration and smooth delivery with varied team expertise.

Focus on what matters...

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Best Practice Solutions Out of the Box

Standardised Blueprints
Using agreed and repeatable architectural blueprints and approved technology stacks increases the level of standardisation, reduces delivery risk and increases productivity.
Test Automation
Extensive Test Automation suite covering Unit, E2E, Performance Testing, Penetration Testing and Accessibility Testing, all with Azure DevOps pipeline integration included
Increased Quality
Security is incorporated from Infrastructure as Code, through to cloud configuration, to DevOps pipelines and into our codebase, ensuring our accelerator makes use of industry standard security best practices
Infrastructure as Code
Automated environment provisioning (DEV, SIT, UAT & PRD) using Terraform and includes support for common PaaS services required for cloud native development.
Cloud Configuration
Pre-configured implementation for common Non-Functional Requirements (NFRs) such as Logging, Alerting, Monitoring, Backups, Security, Authentication, and Storage, providing you with our opinion on best practices.
DevOps Pipelines
Shift Left Philosophy, incorporating best practice Open Source components into our CI/CD pipelines, including OWASP DC, SonarQube, OWASP ZAP and more.
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Re-architecting National Highways' NILO Application

Utilising Foundations, Version 1 embarked on a 3-month modernisation project which would involve re-architecting National Highways’ NILO reporting application.

Version 1’s National Highways delivery team was successfully able to apply Version 1’s Application Modernisation on Azure Foundations Accelerator to deliver the NILO project, enabling them to hit the ground running. Utilising Foundations typically saves Version 1’s customers 6-8 weeks’ worth of time and expense.

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