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Organisations are facing increased pressure to do more with less, such as delivering higher levels of customer service while operating with static or reduced budgets. Version 1 believes automation will play a significant role in addressing this challenge, and that it will be a core characteristic of tomorrow’s successful companies.

In collaboration with our customers, Version 1’s Innovation Labs have built the ‘Smart Action Suite’, a set of enterprise-ready productivity apps focused on addressing common challenges many organisations face, using innovative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation

The Smart Action Suite has been developed using the latest, cutting edge technology, with a clear focus on increasing productivity for enterprises. Using both Cloud and Open Source technology, the Smart Action Suite can be delivered and tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Smart Action Suite

Smart FAQ Bot
Answer FAQs automatically and aid staff in responding to queries with Smart FAQ Bot. Smart FAQ Bot provides organisations with an always-on 24/7 service, allowing employees to focus on more important and complex queries.
Smart Text
Using cutting edge AI, Smart Text provides deep insight into documents and messages. Smart Text enables organisations to categorise and triage documents; to prioritise based on sentiment, to provide next best action recommendations based, or to manage GDPR risk.
Smart Data Capture
Ditch manual data input and discover how Smart Data Capture can support enterprise data capture requirements. Smart Data Capture uses a mix of Cloud services and open source frameworks to provide Intelligent Data Recognition.
Smart Search
Smart Search uses the latest AI models to truly understand documents, offering a more intelligent document search capability. Smart Search uses a combination of technologies to provide an intuitive 'Google-type' search for documents, allowing searches through Conversational Language.
Smart Automation
Smart Automation uses best of breed automation tools to develop bespoke hyperautomation solutions for manual and repetitive tasks. Utilise Digital, Cloud, RPA, AI, Workflow and API orchestration and other automation tools to enable automation of almost any business process.
Smart ERP
Reimagine ERP systems with Smart ERP, adding Cloud capabilities to existing ERP systems and integrate using digital channels such as Alexa, Microsoft Teams, PowerApps, Chatbots, Mobile Apps, etc. Smart ERP can reimagine multiple business processes, streamlining and reducing friction.
Smart Contact (Beta)
Smart Contact adds AI capabilities to call centres and/or service desks, utilising our Smart Text solution to enable intelligent and automated contact handling. Featuring NLP Text Analytics technologies, Smart Contact can triage, route, prioritise, classify, suggest responses or next best actions.
Smart Process Advisor (Beta)
Smart Process Advisor is designed to guide staff through organisational processes, advising them each step of the way. With deep integrations into existing systems, Smart Process Advisor can contextually guide users through business systems, following users from one system to another to provide a holistic advisor experience.

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Version 1's Innovation Labs are dedicated to exploring disruptive technology in collaboration with our customers. The Smart Action Suite was identified from the many conversations we have had with our customers, and are therefore customer-led and customer-focused. We are committed to proving that IT can make a real difference to our customers' businesses, and to exceeding their expectations.
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