Smart Text

Develop invaluable insights into your organisational data, empowering human staff with new actionable insights

Gain Insight into your Documents

Version 1’s Smart Text suite uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create insights into your documents. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning algorithms, Smart Text mines actionable insights from text without human intervention.

Focusing on document insights, NLP is applied to written documents of multiple formats. Through Smart Text, Version 1 can help your business develop invaluable insights into your organisational data, empowering human staff with new actionable insights.

Benefits of Smart Text

Mine Actionable Insights
Extract deeper insights from your documents.
Eliminate GDPR Risks
Document analytics can be used to identify potential GDPR breaches and mark sensitive and personal information.
Save Time
Review documents at scale.
Boost your Business
Gain actionable insights from your documents opening new possibilities for your business.

Use Cases

Public Sector

The public sector receives thousands of documents daily and it is important that these documents are categorised accurately. Smart Text ensure no sensitive data is leaked and that documents are accurately tracked.


The retail industry deals with documents such as bank statements, invoices, credit notes, etc. With such a large quantity of various documents difficult to manage, Smart Text can support this through automatic generation of deeper actionable insights from the documents built into the system.

Key Features

Employing cutting-edge Open Source libraries, Smart Text is a suite of components that can run together or as discrete components performing:

  • Sentiment Analysis: Evaluates sentiment of text as positive, negative or neutral.
  • Entity Recognition: Finds occurrences of people’s names, dates, organisations, money, products and much more.
  • Regular Expression Extraction: A list of regular expressions is saved and searched for throughout the text. Ex. E-mail, phone number, PPSN, etc.
  • Semantic Search: A keyword is provided, and the API will look for their synonyms and other related words
  • Topic Modelling: Returns the main topics discussed within a document.

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