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Kickstart your AI journey

Kickstart your AI adoption with out-of-the-box accelerators from our innovative AI marketplace and AI Labs, like Decipher. Empower your teams to innovate with confidence and make data-driven decisions that matter.

Start now innovating with confidence with our customer-centric, co-creation approach to:

  • Explore AI potential in your industry
  • Identify your specific use cases
  • Prioritise problems and solutions based on value
  • ¬†Build a working prototype in 2-4 weeks

Version 1 customers already realising the power of AI

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Version 1's AI Team

30+ AI Specialists
Including Researchers, Engineers, Analysts, Prompt Engineers, Testers, Architects and Advisors
170+ Data Specialists
Including Analysts, Platform Architects, Engineers, Data Experts, and Delivery Managers
400+ Employees using AI
Including Engineers, Platform Engineering, Architects, Delivery Management, Cloud Advisors, Data Experts and Migration Specialists
A demonstrable focus on Sustainability and Social Value
Featuring AI-driven Green SDLC and 400+ certified in Green Coding.
Underpinned by an established Responsible AI Board
Supporting customers in establishing their own AI governance.

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