Smart ERP - Smart User Engagement for E-Business Suite

Transform your E-Business Suite Applications

Reimagine your ERP tasks

Speed and flexibility have become imperative for business success. However, many organisations feel weighed down by systems that are more than a decade old and built with different customer expectations. With Smart ERP, Version 1’s aim is to enable our customers to modernise their ERP systems, allowing them to become more agile in responding to users’ increasing demands for improved quality and smooth user experiences. Quick in turnaround, adoption, and speed of service.

Smart ERP – Smart User Engagement for E-Business Suite, is a solution that transforms our customers’ E-Business Suite applications with contemporary user engagement and high-quality user experiences. This solution allows you to access and manage your ERP system via any digital channel. Depending on the applications or processes that you seek to streamline, our Cloud-based framework integrates your preferred solutions such as Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, and Teams with existing E-Business Suite applications.

Harness our innovation to help your stakeholders in their daily tasks, from approving expenses to checking annual leave balances.

Adaptable to the Applications You Need

Our Cloud-based flexible framework adapts to your preferred applications

Oracle Financials
Oracle HRMS
Oracle Supply Chain
Oracle Order Management
OTL (Oracle Time and Labor)
Oracle Project Management

Multichannel Integrations

Key Features of Smart ERP

Custom Dashboard
Custom dashboard allows your users to prioritise their needs
UI Upgrade
Upgrades your traditional ERP interface to a powerful, modern interface for a greater user experience
Integrates with Cloud APIs
Utilise leading cloud APIs to provide chatbot capabilities and many others
On-premise and Cloud
Support for both on-premise and public cloud deployment
Multiple Deployment Channels
Support for a wide range of deployment channels such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Teams
Fully GDPR Compliant
All GDPR regulations and standards are met

ERP Innovation Worth Exploring

Hassle-Free Installation

Smart ERP can be deployed as an on-premise solution or Azure Cloud solution. Both on-premise E-Business Suite and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure E- Business Suite can be integrated with Smart ERP.

Simple Installation

Version 1 gets your organisation up and running with the solution quickly

No Fuss Customisation

Easily customised by Version 1 to meet your needs

Optimised UX

User-friendly dashboards and interfaces for seamless management

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