Cloudbridge Connect – AI Assisted Engagement for Oracle​

Transform User Engagement with Power of AI ​

Re-envision How You Interact with Oracle Cloud Using AI

Experience the best of both worlds: the agility of modern technology and the robustness of legacy systems. Step into the future with Cloudbridge Connect – our AI-Enhanced Oracle Cloud Engagement Suite . Our goal is to modernize your enterprise, making you agile and responsive to ever-changing user demands. 

Cloudbridge Connect provides real-time insights and predictive analytics through its AI foundation, seamlessly integrating with existing Oracle Cloud Apps.

Manage your enterprise systems via any digital channel—Amazon Alexa, Facebook Messenger, or Microsoft Teams. Our AI-driven framework simplifies daily tasks, from approving expenses to checking annual leave balances. Experience unmatched agility and fluidity, empowered by our innovative solutions.

AI Powering the Applications You Need​

Our Cloud-based flexible framework adapts to your preferred applications

Oracle ERP: Intelligent finance and operation controls​
Oracle EPM: Predictive insights and advanced financial planning​
Oracle HCM: Empowered human capital strategies​
Oracle SCM: AI-optimized supply chain dynamics​

Multichannel Integrations

Key Features of Cloudbridge Connect​

Custom AI-Powered Dashboard
Personalize your user experience with AI-driven insights and suggestions.
Revolutionized UI with AI Enhancements
Transition to a smart UI across Oracle Cloud Applications for a dynamic user experience.​
Cloud API Integration with Machine Learning
Leverage AI-powered cloud APIs for smarter features like chatbot capabilities and real-time analytics.​
Deployment Flexibility with AI Optimization
Support for both on-premise and cloud deployments with AI-driven efficiency enhancements.​
Multiple Deployment Channels with AI Interfaces
Engage users on platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Teams with intuitive AI-driven interactions.​
GDPR Compliance with AI Security
Enhanced data protection using AI algorithms to ensure GDPR compliance.​

ERP Innovation Worth Exploring

Hassle-Free Installation

Smart ERP can be deployed as an on-premise solution or Azure Cloud solution. Both on-premise E-Business Suite and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure E- Business Suite can be integrated with Cloudbridge Connect.

Simple Installation

Version 1 gets your organisation up and running with the solution quickly

No Fuss Customisation

Easily customised by Version 1 to meet your needs

Optimised UX

User-friendly dashboards and interfaces for seamless management

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