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Discover New and Actionable Insights

Gain Insight into Customer Interactions Using Smart Text

As part of our productivity-focused Smart Action Suite, Smart Text is a Text Analytics solution developed by Version 1 Innovation Labs, which uses cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to gain deep insight into documents.

The solution enables transformative impact for organisations to discover new and actionable insights from the conversations and interactions they have with their customers, including the documents and messages they receive, without the use of manual human intervention.

Key Features of Smart Text

Sentiment Analysis
Evaluate the sentiment of text as positive, negative, or neutral
Named Entity Recognition
Finds occurrences of people’s names, dates, organisations, money, products, and much more.
Regular Expression Extraction
A list of regular expressions is saved and searched for throughout the text. Ex. E-mail, phone number, PPSN, etc.
Intelligent Summarisation
Summarise the whole content of the document in a few sentences.
Topic Modelling
Returns the main topics discussed within a document.

Smart Text Use Cases

Mine Actionable Insights
Extract deeper insights from data in documents and messages.
Eliminate GDPR Risks
Identify potential GDPR breaches and mark sensitive and personal information using document analytics
Save Time
Automated review of documents at scale
Boost Your Business
Discover new possibilities for your business through actionable insights from your document data.
Data Classification
Through the extracted insights, data can be easily sorted and classified.

Delivering a Scalable Solution

Natural Language Processing’s (NLP) popularity is increasing each day, as organisations require scalable solutions that can address the needs of the customer in today’s emerging and rapidly changing market, with the least amount of human interaction.

Smart Text’s cognitive solutions are employed to gain insights from organisations data to add significant business value in the most secure, cost-effective, and reliable way. Developed using open-source software, Smart Text can be deployed on-premise or in the Cloud.

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