Migrating Microsoft Workloads to AWS – AWS Optimisation & License Assessment (OLA)

Achieve optimised cost and reduced risk at the start of your cloud journey.

Assess your license estate for cloud migration

Migrating Microsoft Workloads to AWS without thorough pre-planning, especially around licensing, can lead to complexities surrounding license non-compliance and potential increased cost.

As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner, Version 1 is certified by AWS to support customers across all AWS cloud migration phases; Assess, Mobilise, and Migrate & Modernise.

Version 1’s AWS Optimisation & License Assessment (OLA) for Microsoft Workloads takes place in the Assess stage and will provide insights, deployment options and potential cost savings across AWS’s flexible licensing options, ensuring the right license decisions are taken at the start of your migration project.

Why Version 1?

Broad Expertise
Version 1 experts in Microsoft licensing & AWS cloud deployments.
Expert Analysis
Can review your ‘as is’ estate and right-size prior to migration.
License Specialists
Version 1 experts have a deep understanding of the licensing considerations of moving Microsoft workloads to AWS.
Cloud Partner
Our AWS Migration Competency is certified by AWS to support customers across the entire cloud journey.

AWS Optimisation & License Assessment for Microsoft Workloads - Deliverables.

As part of Version 1’s AWS OLA for Microsoft Workloads, our Microsoft license experts will deliver a report that will model your deployment opportunities using BYOL entitlement and rightsized AWS license included options. These results can help you explore cost savings for Microsoft on AWS and identify any unknown license exposure.

This license assessment includes the following deliverables:

Initial consultation with Version 1 Microsoft License experts & AWS consultants to uncover any license concerns & cloud plans.
Assessment of Windows Workloads for optimisation & rightsizing opportunities, on-premise & in AWS.
Data-driven analysis & validation of Microsoft cloud licensing pathways to AWS.
Insights & considerations to include in your business case for the next steps towards cloud migration.

What benefit does this deliver?

Steppingstone to Cloud
Effective way to begin formulating a business case for cloud migration to AWS.
Clarity on License Position
Understand your ‘as is’ & ‘to be’ license estate to enable effective rightsizing on AWS.
Cost Optimisation & Avoidance
Clarity on license & consumption costs within AWS. Reduce & avoid costs as part of your MS to AWS migration.
License Flexibility
Opportunity to explore flexible licensing options with AWS
Cloud & License Experts
Version 1 has expertise across Microsoft licensing & cloud enablement
License Advice & Guidance
Expert insights on Microsoft license and contract optimisation

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In conjunction with Version 1’s AWS Optimisation & License Assessment for Microsoft Workloads, our AWS and Microsoft License experts can help you evaluate AWS as an efficient way to manage your Microsoft infrastructure and licenses. Read more about how Version 1 migrated Martin Currie’s Windows Workloads to AWS to enable agility and innovation.

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Aligned with AWS Programs; OLA Assessment, Windows Modernisation Program, MAP for Windows, Windows Rapid Migration Program (WRMP).

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