Ensuring license optimisation & compliance during migration to the cloud

Cloud License Migration – move your software license assets to the cloud

The migration of data and applications from on-premise to cloud platforms requires thorough planning, a methodical approach and financial investment.  In some instances, essential parallel running of systems during transition may cause software license implications not considered at project outset.

Our license and cloud experts have been working with software enterprise vendors such as Oracle, Microsoft and IBM, and cloud technologies including Oracle, Amazon Web Services and Azure for over a decade.  We can help you side-step potential pitfalls and benefit from license optimisation opportunities when migrating your software assets to the cloud either in isolation or as part of our Version 1 cloud enablement journey.

Benefits of our Control Cloud Service

Cost Savings
Cost avoidance & software asset optimisation
License compliance, before, during and after migration
Prove Worth
Cloud business case ROI

Specialist Cloud Licensing Services

Understanding what software assets you have before migration, how to optimise software assets during migration, and managing software assets, costs and licensing once in the cloud are important steps that are often overlooked. Click on the links below to find out more.

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