Measuring your software licenses for Cloud readiness

Right-sizing your license estate for Cloud migration

The move to cloud for enterprises continues to gather pace as businesses take advantage of its fast deployment, business continuity benefits and reduced costs. Decisions still need to be made on what you should host and where, potentially resulting in a hybrid mix of on-premise, and public and private cloud.

This necessitates the need to understand exactly what software license assets you have and where you are moving them to. Overlooking this step could cause license compliance concerns and financial implications further down the line.

Version 1 Control Cloud Service

Our license and cloud consultants have unrivalled expertise in cloud technologies including Oracle, Azure and Amazon Web Services. We can conduct a cloud license readiness assessment separately or as part of our Version 1 cloud enablement journey, on your on-premise infrastructure to determine what licenses are suitable for migrating to the cloud.

This exercise will right-size your software asset estate (including Oracle, Microsoft and IBM) for whatever cloud infrastructure you chose moving forward. If you already have a cloud environment, we will conduct a detailed review of all your resources highlighting areas of license compliance risk and potential cost savings.

Benefits of our Control Cloud Service

Cost Savings
Cost avoidance & software asset optimisation
License compliance, before, during and after migration
Prove Worth
Cloud business case ROI

Specialist Cloud Licensing Services

Understanding what software assets you have before migration, how to optimise software assets during migration, and managing software assets, costs and licensing once in the cloud are important steps that are often overlooked. Click on the links below to find out more.

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