Considering an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement? (ULA)

Inform your Oracle ULA buying decision with Version 1 Control™

Oracle Unlimited License Agreements

Whilst an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement can give you the opportunity to save money on Oracle licenses, it may not be the best way forward for every business.

Generally, Oracle Unlimited License Agreements are most effective for large companies in a period of organic growth, who are currently buying licenses ad hoc. If you are about to enter a period of mergers, acquisitions or divestments, this can be a very complex situation to manage under a ULA.

Another use case relates to securing a ULA to mitigate against significant known or suspected non-compliance, but again, you should be sure that a ULA is the appropriate and optimised solution for your needs.

Signing up for a ULA can be a complicated process. You need to work out what your level of usage is likely to be over a period of several years. You also need to be sure that you can manage and monitor this throughout the unlimited period of the contract AND subsequently. It can be a time consuming and challenging process especially if you are not familiar with all things Oracle.

How we can help

Version 1’s license experts have unrivalled expertise in Oracle Unlimited License Agreements and can guide you through the entire ULA lifecycle. If you are considering buying an Oracle ULA, our license experts in conjunction with Version 1 Control™ service can help inform your decision by clarifying the following:

Benchmarking your entry price and requirements, to ensure optimum commercial results
Calculating your current and future usage and compliance, so that your ULA accurately reflects this
Understanding if and how your Cloud requirements and journey fit in a ULA scenario

Version 1, the Oracle License Agreement Experts

Our software asset management and license team have over 350 person-years of Oracle experience and in-depth understanding of every phase of the ULA lifecycle – we can help you make the decision that is right for your business.

Thinking about a ULA?
Whilst an Oracle Unlimited License Agreement can give you the flexibility to save you money on Oracle licenses, they may not be the best way forward for every business. Version 1’s Oracle license experts can help you assess whether a ULA is the best commercial agreement for your business.
Need help managing a ULA?
The best approach to making the most out of your Oracle ULA is by adopting an ongoing license management strategy. Version 1’s Control service is a proven software asset management methodology and will deliver clarity and control during the term of your ULA and post declaration.
Declaring a ULA?
At the end of your ULA term you have several options available, but do you have all the information necessary to make the best possible decision? Version 1’s license experts can help you prepare for your Oracle ULA declaration and guide you through the entire process.

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