Enterprise Vendor License Consulting & Managed Service

Vendor targeted license consulting and managed service methodology to help you achieve your optimal enterprise license position and maintain on an ongoing basis.

Vendor targeted License Consulting & Managed Service – Version 1 Control

Without software asset management (SAM) processes in place, many businesses either drift into license non-compliance or do not gain the value expected from their investment in technology.  A recurring SAM process is the best way to avoid unplanned or unnecessary license costs, extract maximum value from your existing investments and mitigate the risk of reputational or relationship damage caused by license non-compliance.

Version 1 Control is our vendor targeted license consulting and SAM Managed Service which underpins all our enterprise license engagements for on-premise and cloud environments. Providing structure and processes to help organisations defend against vendor audits, right-size their licensing costs and achieve license compliance, the methodology is designed to then maintain this optimal position on an ongoing basis.

Why Choose our Software Asset Management Solutions?

£10 Million Saved
Our SAM Service Team’s expertise delivered a cost avoidance opportunity of just under £10m for our enterprise customer
Reduced £5m to £60k
Our SAM Managed Services delivered Database license reduction for our client from over £5m to just under £60k
69% Reduction
Our software asset management services deliver financial risk reduction of 69% on average over the lifecycle of a managed service.

Version 1 Control Delivery Elements

Our license experts have 200+ combined person years of license consulting and SAM managed service experience covering a wide variety of enterprise vendors including Oracle, Microsoft and IBM for on-premise and cloud. Version 1’s SAM business practice is completely autonomous and is not affiliated with any software vendor. Our tried and tested Control methodology includes the following elements.

Quantifying your risk
Aligning Stakeholders
Gathering Rock Solid Data
Monitoring Current Compliance
Achieving the Optimal Licensing Model
Negotiating the Optimal License Position
Providing Assistance as Required
Sharing our Expertise

Version 1 Control Benefits

Rapidly attain an optimised cost and compliance profile for software asset spend
Mitigate costs on an ongoing basis
Track and tune the value delivered by all enterprise licenses including Oracle ULAs and Microsoft EAs
Manage uncertainty, organisational change and audits as they arise
Avoid unplanned or unnecessary license or support cost

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