Enterprise Licensing in a Virtual Environment

Delivering license cost optimisation and compliance in your virtualised platforms

What is Virtualisation?

Virtualisation technology has been around since the 1960s and refers to the creation of a virtual rather than physical instance of computer platforms, storage devices, and computer network resources.

Deployment of server virtualisation has reached 92% saturation within businesses according to Statista (August 2020) and virtualisation in other areas such as desktops, applications, and network devices is set to continue its growth, either on-premises or in massively virtualised public or private cloud environments.

Why is Virtualisation So Popular?

Virtualising your server environment decreases the amount of physical hardware and therefore the amount of power, space, and manpower to run. This allows hardware assets to be very highly utilised, reducing costs across the board.  It also allows for much quicker and simpler provisioning with minimal hands-on management.  This all adds up to a considerable saving in ongoing costs making the decision to deploy virtualisation a straightforward one from a commercial perspective.

License Challenges in a Virtualised Environment?

Ambiguous and complex enterprise licensing terms for virtualisation can often unintentionally create licensing problems – clients can unwittingly drift into non-compliance, undoing, and potentially dwarfing, any cost-saving realised from their virtual environment.

Why Version 1’s License Experts

Version 1’s license experts have a deep understanding of the licensing terms around virtualised environments and the impact that architecture changes can have. This is gained from multiple client engagements from across industry sectors over the last 10 years. Regardless of whether you are currently struggling to gain control of your licensing within a virtualised environment or are planning to make architectural changes that could impact your licensing, our license experts in conjunction with our Version 1 Control service can help you with the following:

Ensure your license estate is optimally configured for your virtualised environment.
Advise on license non-compliance remediation activities.
Optimise license estate costs on an ongoing basis
Avoid unbudgeted cost and fines associated with license non-compliance.


Based on our extensive knowledge of enterprise licensing, Version 1 Control underpins our license consulting and software asset management services and ensures the integrity, reliability and accuracy of data driven decisions. You can expect to realise the following benefits:

Reduce Risk
Reduce business risk through license compliance management.
Reduce Spend
Reduce unnecessary spend through effective SAM methodologies.
Improve ROI
Improve business case ROI for virtualisation transformation through effective estate rightsizing.
Improve Cost Control
Improve cost control through effective buying strategies.
Improve Relationships
Improve vendor relationships. Focus on long term engagement strategy avoiding confrontational audits.
Improve Efficiency and Productivity
Improve IT efficiency & productivity by outsourcing specialist licensing skills.

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