Microsoft Licensing in a Virtual Environment

Delivering Microsoft license compliance, reduced cost and risk within your virtualised environment.

Server Virtualisation and Microsoft Licensing

Licensing Microsoft products in a virtualised environment is complicated, but not as complicated as some other enterprise vendors. The key Microsoft virtualisation concerns that our license consultants typically find mainly include Windows Server OS, SQL Server licensing, and productivity server and middleware solution licensing.

These complex licensing areas can have a material impact on cost if configured incorrectly, however can be relatively simple to rectify.

Why Version 1’s License Experts

Version 1’s Microsoft license experts can work with you to demystify the complexities of Microsoft’s licensing terms within a virtualised environment. We have an unparalleled understanding of Microsoft’s licensing terms and the compliance impacts that architecture changes can create. This has been gained from countless client engagements across a broad range of industry sectors over the last 10 years.


Based on our extensive knowledge of Microsoft licensing, Version 1 Control underpins our license consulting and software asset management services and ensures the integrity, reliability and accuracy of data driven decisions. You can expect to realise the following benefits:

Reduce Risk
Reduce business risk through license compliance management.
Reduce Spend
Reduce unnecessary spend through effective SAM methodologies.
Improve ROI
Improve business case ROI for virtualisation transformation through effective estate rightsizing.
Improve Cost Control
Improve cost control through effective buying strategies.
Improve Relationships
Improve vendor relationships. Focus on long term engagement strategy avoiding confrontational audits.
Improve Efficiency and Productivity
Improve IT efficiency & productivity by outsourcing specialist licensing skills.

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