Microsoft 365 License Health Check

A rapid assessment of Microsoft ‘Software as a Service’ consumption and identification of cost optimisation opportunities for Microsoft 365 and Office 365.

Microsoft has transformed the way in which organisations acquire and consume licenses for Windows, Office, Collaboration, Management, and Security Tools.

However, license and cost management of Office 365 and Microsoft 365 is often overlooked resulting in considerable overspend and needless shelfware.  This is further perpetuated by Microsoft’s approach to bundling their SaaS products adding to the cost of idle user subscription licenses.

Without the necessary governance and licensing expertise, many organisations will create unknown financial waste due to challenges such as:

  • SaaS user subscription license management
  • Suboptimal user requirements profiling
  • Shelfware created by a lack of adoption
  • Security and compliance management

This unmanaged cost and waste are no longer palatable for organisations on the lookout to reduce IT spend. Businesses need a quick way to resolve this concern and manage ongoing, without additional laborious administration and overheads.

Microsoft 365 License Health Check

Using a blend of automated data driven tooling and the expertise of the Version 1 License Optimisation Team, this Microsoft Office 365 License Health Check service identifies Microsoft SaaS waste and enables license cost optimisation opportunities. The Health Check high-level steps are:

Quickly install and configure the Version 1 data collection service
Compile consumption & licensing insights, verify current state and future state goals
Present cost-saving and waste management recommendations

Microsoft Office 365 License Health Check Deliverables

Delivered by Version 1’s highly experienced Microsoft License Consultants through tried and tested data gathering, analysis and reporting techniques, the estimated elapsed time for the engagement is approximately 5 working days depending on scale and complexity. The Microsoft License Health Check deliverables will include the following:

Microsoft Office 365 Consumption Reporting
License Compliance Health
Clear Identification of Inactive Users & Applications
Cost Reduction Recommendations
Subscription Reprofiling Opportunities
SaaS License Management Recommendations

Microsoft Office 365 License Health Check Benefits

Enjoy improved cost and compliance control over your Microsoft 365 license estate with Version 1’s Microsoft 365 License Health Check, the benefits of which can be detailed as follows:

Reduce Subscription Cost
Prevent Subscription Creep
Avert License Compliance Risk
Enable Greater SaaS Adoption

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