Oracle Software Support & Maintenance Contract Renewals

Validate, optimise & renew your Oracle software support & maintenance contract with confidence.

Is Your Oracle Renewal Due?

When you purchase software from Oracle, you will normally pay a Software Support & Maintenance fee which in most cases is 22% of the license cost. This fee is payable every 12-months from when you purchased the software.

Your Oracle Software Support & Maintenance Contract gives you access to Oracle’s Technical Support services and the reassurance that you will receive the right level of support in the event of an issue. Therefore, ensuring that your contract covers the correct products, and you are paying the right price for that support, is important.

Renewals can start to get complicated if, like many organisations, you have bought software at different points in the year. In this instance, you will have separate renewals to check. Conversely, if you have consolidated all your contracts into one renewal, then you have a big task ahead checking and reconciling all the costs.

Typical Software Support & Maintenance Contract Renewal Challenges

Staying on top of this administrative task and ensuring cost accuracy can be a challenge especially when you consider the following:

The complexity created through the sheer volume of software procured.
Any changes in licensing rules.
M&A activity.
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The introduction of an Oracle ULA.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Oracle Software Support & Maintenance Contract Renewal is an important document that details the Oracle software you are paying support for. Therefore, it is imperative that your renewal is accurate from a product and price perspective. Many of our clients are confused by their Oracle Support & Maintenance renewal paperwork – as a result, we have created this handy FAQ on this complicated topic. Contact us if you still have a question.
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How We Can Help

Version 1’s Oracle license experts have reviewed thousands of Oracle Software Support & Maintenance Contract renewals on behalf of our clients to validate their documentation and ensure all the correct software is covered, at the right price. Benefits we deliver:

Confidence in the accuracy of your Oracle Software Support & Maintenance Renewal from a product and cost perspective.
Reassurance that your support & maintenance service will continue for your critical business applications.
Removes the administrative burden of you checking multiple or consolidated renewals.
Rectifies any inaccuracies and associated cost implications with the vendor & ensures accurate paperwork.

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