Red Hat Subscription Cost Optimisation

Optimise the Cost & Renewal of your Red Hat Software Subscription Environment

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (the operating system offering of Red Hat) is a Linux distribution developed by Red Hat and is widely used in the commercial market.

Red Hat provides a ‘support subscription’ licensing metric as opposed to buying a license – a distinction that can often trip up clients, creating additional risk and/or cost. This support subscription licensing can confuse matters further when deploying Red Hat in the cloud.

Red Hat Subscription Cost Optimisation

Version 1’s license experts can uncover cost optimisation opportunities within your Red Hat estate, ensuring compliance while saving costs, and help you to choose the most efficient licensing method for your environment and workload.

Version 1 Red Hat Subscription Cost Optimisation Deliverables

Discover what you have versus what you have deployed.
Review of the best way to license what is already deployed.
Optimisation of subscription estate & recommendation of efficient product mix. Consider future technology roadmaps.

The Benefits of a Version 1 Software Licence Audit Services for your Business

Cost Optimisation
Right-size spend and ongoing subscription costs.
Risk Management
Reduce the risk of non-compliance & unbudgeted spend.
Strengthen Vendor Relationships
Active management of your estate builds vendor confidence.
Clarity & Control
Proactive management of your Red Hat subscription estate.
Strategic Planning
Enables effective future planning for technology changes.

If you have a Red Hat estate and require further assistance with cost optimisation or compliance, then contact us to find out how we can help.

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