Take Control of Your Enterprise Software Estate

Without SAM processes in place many businesses either drift into non-compliance or do not gain the value expected from their investments in technology.

Manage Your Software Assets

Version 1 Software Asset Management Managed Services give our customers control by delivering certainty on software license consumption and assurance on your business’ compliancy position. You will be in a position to avoid unnecessary costs, accurately plan for future software license purchases and avoid any stress from a software vendor audit. Version 1 is completely autonomous and not affiliated with any software vendor, rest assured, your data is secure with us.

Our Unique Managed Services Offering; SAM4D

The Benefits of a Version 1 SAM Managed Service for Your Business

Cost Reduction
Risk Mitigation
Volume Discounts
Better Vendor Relationships
Optimal licence agreement for your needs
Value Added Procurement

During a typical review, we find non-compliance risks of over £5.8 million.

Why Version 1?

We will always put the customer first. We are technology agnostic, providing a modular plug & play approach to each set of unique customer requirements. We enable clients to make better, more informed decisions on their software estate; understand the options and make the right decision for you. Our priority is to give the best advice, not just to secure licensing revenue.

Reduce Cost & Risk
  • Assessment
  • Advice
  • Procurement
Trusted Advisor
  • Independent
  • Tools Agnostic
  • Experience
Market Leading Expertise
  • Breadth & Scale
  • Technical Background
  • Ongoing Staff Education

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