Migrating Enterprise Applications to the Public Cloud

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Eight Key Principles for Safely and Successfully Migrating Enterprise Applications to the Public Cloud
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“Understanding the implications of the Cloud properly ensures that your organisation trusts that their Cloud Strategy will achieve real business objectives and benefits.”

Our customers are enterprise-scale organisations, financial institutions, governmental departments and major public bodies, typically seeking expertise in migrating enterprise applications to the Public Cloud. Such organisations typically encounter a challenge migrating their mission-critical and complex business systems and applications to the Public Cloud, which often means that these applications can be left until last to migrate or transform.

Version 1 specialises in the take-on and transformation of these mission-critical systems and delivering large-scale cloud migrations, safely, securely and efficiently. Typically, organisations migrate and transform these enterprise applications to access key business benefits such as:

    • Security and compliance
    • Data protection
    • Cost optimisation
    • Reliability – maximising uptime for mission-critical systems
    • 24*7*365 availability for revenue generating systems
    • Accelerated market entry
    • Gaining a competitive edge
    • Enabling continuous improvement of systems

Version 1 has laid out a range of best practice principles and objectives for any Cloud migration journey to ensure our customers embark on Cloud migrations safely.

Download your copy now to access our best practice principles and objectives for any Cloud Migration journey.