Episode #3: Ellen Ward, Concern Worldwide & Tech For Good Dublin

Podcast Details

For Episode #3 of the One Zero One podcast, we had the opportunity to talk all things ‘Tech for Good’ with Ellen Ward, the Head of IT Systems (Interim) at Concern Worldwide. The mission of Concern is to end extreme poverty. In 2018, Concern Worldwide reached 11.5 million people through their emergency response. 17.6 million people were reached through their health interventions. Ellen shared with us the challenges and rewards of working in an IT function of such an important organisation, and how important it is to balance innovation with stability when delivering urgent services in the most fragile communities globally. We also learned about the ‘Tech for Good Dublin’ initiative that Ellen co-founded. Tech for Good Dublin is a group of people who believe in the power of technology to positively impact people, communities and the planet. Members are passionate about using tech as a force for positive change.

We are all stakeholders in technology. These days it's not just the big tech companies that have the power to make change, build, test, and work with technology. Technology is much more accessible now. We should embrace that whenever we can and take back a bit of the power. We should influence and be changemakers ourselves. If that is happening, it's good for everybody because we are not just passive consumers of technology, we are much more involved in the evolution and the direction of where technology is going in the future.
- Ellen Ward, Head of IT Systems (Interim) at Concern Worldwide & Co-Founder of Tech For Good Dublin

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